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I don't train with a club ( i found they took teh enjoyment out i don't like being yelled at)- so i reley on my (not always very determined)determinantion which means i have to come up with my own sets.....and i'm starting to get bored.....I'm looking to get a faster time for 5K (sub 1.30), but also a faster time for shorter distances (100 = 1.25).
i thought it would be nice to share ideas whats fun/dull works/doesn't
The kind of things i do are (all front crawl)
10x100 on 2mins
10x50 on 1 min
25 on 30
50 on 60
100 on 120
50 on 60
25 on 30
times 2 or 4 or until i get bored.
varying numbes of lenghts of pull with focus on breathing (i'm crap at breathing on the left) or catch up
after that i start to run out of inspiration.
And i can't seem to count beyond about 12 so trying to time myself over long distances is hard i know you can get lap counter tings thou)

any thoughts would be great



  • There is a thread about counting lengths, ill boing it for you (not sure we found an answer though).
  • "Workouts in a binder: swim workouts for triathletes" (Gale Bernhardt) - get it from Amazon. Ring bound little book of various swim sets, on paper that you can dry off..!
  • Yep - got that book myself
  • Good innit? :-)
  • muddy - my 100's are 1.25's too, but when training hard i bring it down. looking at your set you are being a little easy on yoursel in the 10 x 100 on 2min. You should be able to bring this down to 1.45 fairly easily if all your 100's are sub 1.30, when ii'm in a cow of a mood i sometimes make my training partner and i go on 1.40's

    also the 10 x 50 you can bring down to going on 50 or 55.

    if you're going to do that set twice do the first one on the tighter times maybe?

    as for timing over long distances I'm ok to count to 20, but for some reason only if i count in 5's. dunno why, i think everyone is different on that front. To bring your 5k time down you'd benefit from doing sets of 400's etc.
  • aww.... you missed my birthday.
  • Muddy to improve your long stuff you you try longer reps with short rests. Like 6*500 or 3*1000 with no more than 60 sec rests. I have trouble counting laps so use my watch's lap facility. I do a lap split every 100mtrs or whatever is easy.
  • Sorry for the non seriousness but,

    New concept in swimming training :- Stay off the bottom of the pool when trying freestyle.
  • Thanks guys all sound like good ideas. I'll check that book out too.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    found that swimming with a pull-buoy helps rotation on the tumble-turn. very handy if you are trying to learn it and struggle to turn.
    Endurance Coach @
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • You could try doing pyramid sets if you get bored. My horrible swimming coach used to make us do sets of 10 X 400ms!
  • I did a good set on Monday - 400 w/up, 400m (100 x full, 100 x catch-up) x 2, 400 (200m 15 sec rest, 100 m 10 sec rest, 50m 10 sec rest, 25 x 2 5 sec rest), 200 m pull, 6 x 100 (25 fast, 25 drill, 25 fast, 25 drill) off 2min 10. 400 w/down. takes about 45 mins.
  • I had my 2nd swim of the year 2day and only managed 6 x 200m with 30-40secs recovery

    must get to the pool more
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