cheque cashed today

does this mean that i am in? Sorry if this sounds a bit thick but im new to this, and i did'nt think that i would hear untill December.


  • Did you bequeath your entry? Just wondering whether that has any bearing!
  • no i don't think that i did. If i did would'nt i have got my top sent to me?
  • Lucky you! I've heard nowt! Looks like you made it buddy!!!
  • If you are in then please join the URWFRC web site (click here) and enter your details and estimated time on the site then we can all arrange to meet...
  • Just checked my bank a/c and my cheque has also been cashed today although I have stated that I will bequeath my entry.

    From memory during past failures to get an entry the bequeathed cheque has not been banked until December time.

    Can anyone else recall whether the cheques are all cashed at the same time or whether there is a delay between the banking of entry cheques and bequeathed cheques?

    Not clutching at straws or anything!!!
  • My cheque has also been cashed! I bequeathed my entry also.I would be interested to know if in the past the bequeathed cheques have been cashed later than the sucessful entries.
    I am so excited!
  • Mine has been cashed too, now I'm wishing that I didn't bequeath my fee.
  • I think that if your cheque has been cashed now it means that you have been sucessful on the following principle -

    If you have 150,000 envelopes all with cheques in you would firstly pick out your 100% sucessful entries and cash the cheques. You would then go back to your pile and pick out your 1000 places from the bequeathed envelopes. With the envelopes that are left (this would probally be around the December time) you would return all unbequeathed cheques with a 'Sorry..' letter. Then last of all you would cash the unsucessful bequeathed cheques.
    If you didnt do it this way your admin staff would be trailing through piles of already opened envelopes etc not knowing what happened to the cheques etc.

    So in a word - I think we are in!
  • Mine has been cashed too !! Hurrah !
    I don't think I had confirmation of my place until December last year though.

    (I don't think I bequeathed my money this time !)
  • Mine too has been cashed, but I also bequeathed my entry fee.

    I like your thinking Polabear - here's hoping!

  • same here! Went this morning! Heres hoping!
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Cashed but bequeathed........fingers crossed for good news in December. :)
  • Not sure it folows that even if you bequeathed, if your cheque has been cashed already you're in. There are 4 of us in my office who entered who also bequeathed and all of our cheques have been cashed. Find it hard to believe we are all in but fingers crossed anyway.
  • Bearing in mind there are only actually 2 places up for ballot after good for age, 5 times turned down etc... Mightn't be looking too hopeful!!!
  • Mine has also cleared. Bit of a dilemma brewing. I had been planning a skiing holiday leaving on the 12th. Hmmmm, what to do? I also bequethed, so perversely, I almost hope I didn't get in.
  • Can anyone tell me event you are all talking about? I have applied for both Bath half and FLM, but still waiting.
  • Cheque cashed today, but also did that bequeath thing...

    (it was £27 wasn't it?)
  • No Simon... That was your gas bill!
  • Mine has also been cashed today too, Im really stressed now I almost wish I hadnt said I would bequeath the money, has anyone who didnt bequeath had their cheque cashed??
  • Burgers, just dawned on me that if you bequeath it you don't know if your in or not. God I'm thick sometimes. The long wait continues
  • Jon – it might have been my Monkey liquidising kit – that was about £27.
  • Mines Cashed, but I also bequeath it.
    Has anyone who bequeath NOT had it cashed ?
  • Both me and my flatmate have had our cheques cashed and we both bequeathed the money - it is starting to look like all bequeathed cheques have been cashed......
  • Yep - I bequeathed mine too and that was cashed this morning.
  • Strikes me the best way for them to get as much money as possible for charity is to cash all the bequeathed cheques and not let any of us run. Hopefully not the case.
  • Mine hasn't been cashed, still hoping and no I didn't bequeath mine.

    Last year the only cheques cashed at this time (well start of Nov) were the succesfull runners but after last years mess maybe they have sped things up.
  • Mine was cashed today but I bequeathed it too. Still, I'm relieved. When I read that some people's had been cashed yesterday and mine hadn't been I started to think maybe it had got lost in the post. Now at least I've got a nice blue fleece to look forward to.
  • Mine was cashed today as well and I bequeathed. When will the letters be sent out? anyone remember from last year.

    Funny, I'd almost decided not to bother with golden bonds if I didn't get in but I was actually planning how to raise money today. I really want to do it.
  • Just found out my cheque got cashed today, but I bequeathed it as well. It's the waiting and the uncertainty I hate. I want to know NOW!
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