Time to start checking accounts??

Does that mean I'm in? Hope so, I didn't opt to bequeath my money because I couldn't have faced the extra wait for the additional places. Good luck everybody.


  • Yes, you are in then. Or they stole your money? ;-)
  • I am also £27 light. I did bequeath my money so no doubt this means a nice new fleece will arrive soon!! Good luck to all who do get in hope to be on the start line with you.
  • Being a scummy student I only had to pay £20. Therefore even if I do get a fleece it will be a fairly good value purchase ;)
  • OOOH! they.ve cashed mine today as well.Yippee!!!!!!!!1
  • ... and mine - cheque 2117 for £27 - never been so pleased to see £27 out of my account. Good luck to all - I have been rejected four times so I know how it feels.
  • Well that's three of us then...........
  • That's great news, you must be pleased.
    I'm so torn - not sure I could cope with the double whammy of seeing the extent of my overdraft so close to the end of the month plus the possibility of my cheque not having been cashed.

  • If you are in then please join the URWFRC web site (click here) and enter your details and estimated time on the site then we can all arrange to meet...

  • Still waiting...
  • I went to the web site listed a couple of posts back, and it popped up loads of adverts! Why do people put up with this? Web hosting really isn't that expensive!

  • my money went out today, i did bequeath my fee and I can't bear the idea of having to wait till the end of the month to find out whether I am in....
  • Mine was cashed on Friday last, not having done this before, just wondered when those of us that bequeath the fee would get "fleeced" so to speak if you parden the pun. Has anyone had a fleece yet?

  • From the sounds of all this it looks like we will just have to wait and see, nobody seems to know what is happening maybe they are cashing all the cheques together both entry and donated ones???
  • Sean Houlihane,

    Sorry about the pop up. the site listed is the URWFRC website. I do know that webhosting is not expensive, but for the technology that is needed for our website and with the cash that the "club" has this would not be affordable. Two windows open and if you minimise them they go to sleep and don't bother you again

    Sorry but there is not a lot we can do at the moment

  • Thanks SwissBobbby.

    I hate to point this out, but the two windows you refer to keep popping up every time you try to navigate about the site. I eventually gave up 'cos it was just too painful! It's a shame 'cos it is otherwise a very good site.
  • Luan Wall,

    just minimise them and the go to sleep
  • 27 quid light on Monday 29th . . .

    I think this means only that they have
    cashed my cheque . . . )but only for the
    third time)

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