a bikie question

I am looking at starting triathlon and have an old road bike (a Fausto Coppi jobbie) along with two mtbs. I have £500 to spend and am looking at a Specialized Allez, or a GT4000 - are these okay or should I spend and upgrade my old 14 spd.
Also, I have seen pictures of triathletes cycling and running in swimming trunks...er...no! My large 'muscular' 'athletic' thighs chaff enough in running shorts - whats the best to do - use cycling shorts all the way through, or change after the swim.


  • Get some tri shorts - you wear them under your wetsuit and they have a bit of padding for the cycle but not so much that they interfere with running. I can't imagine running in cycling shorts would be much fun.
  • Running in cycling shorts can be ok - I've run up to 5 miles in bib shorts and they were ok, but not after swimming, just after cycling. Might be different if they were wet.
  • am with DD on this

    although if you are doing shorter sprint tris with a 20k bike you could just go with ordinary running lycras with no padding - what I have done and didn't suffer any consequences.

    also you may not be allowed to change after the swim as some tri's have a no nudity clause when in transition - but I guess you could hide under a beach towel.

    finally - if the road frame is fine, why not spend the money on an upgarde of new kit?? new gears, bars, brakes, pedals and cranks should come within £500 if spent wisely.
  • I've done an olympic in tri shorts and no problems.

    Regarding the bike, I started triusing an (old) atb with road tyres on
  • yeah tri shorts are worth it..
    the allez is a great bike, if you look at the components on it and try to buy them seperately to upgrade your own old one it would probably come to the same price.
    but the allez would be a lot lighter.
    i have it's review from cycling plus as a pdf if you like i'll email it on..
    (The Giant OCRs are similarly priced also, i have one which has been great)
  • Got one thanks daveM -
    I think I might go for yet another test ride tonight and finally make a decision..
    Tri shorts sound good - I'll have to get some. Are they as comfrotable as cycling shorts on the bike, or are they a compromise?
  • not quite as comfortable as cycling shorts, you wouldn't want to be out more than a couple of hours on the bike with them...
    the padding is less that half that or
    a pair of proper bike shorts i'd say
  • errr fat bhudda... _all_ tris run under BTA rules have a no nudity clause.
  • LA,
    Just to throw a spanner in the works.... (I'd definately go for a pair of tri shorts) Tri Uk have a 'Package #1' that consists of...
    Wetsuit Foor sleeveless
    Foor competition tri suit (not a pretty sight on a bigger fella :0) )
    Giant OCR bike
    Giro Mira Helmet
    Ironman Look Pedals
    Ironman Goggles
    John Luck Cycle shoes
    Saucony Running shoes

    All for £499.99
    Can't see it on the website but they are in the 2004 catalogue
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    The John Luck shoes are pretty good - they retail for £40 ish but do the job OK, quite a broad fit (for a cycling shoe).
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    eddum - watching transition at tri at Stratford someone didn't know about that nudity clause - complete change from swim kit to bike kit - full hairy arse, the lot. fair put me off watching.
  • also on the starter kit front have a look at TFN - www.totalfitness-uk.com they do start up kits from £599
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