Calling all ironmen and women!

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Can you nip over to tt please and click on the relevant button in the 'Iron-Daddy/Mummy' Thread of General.

Try this link:

Just want to know who we can hassle for experience and advice.

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  • Hi Daz - I can't be counted an expert, I've only done 2!
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    oh yeh cos anyone can do two ironmans! <rolls eyes>
    you're a hard women with high it!
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    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • I'm 'ard.

    [struts in a very tuff sort of way]

  • Just a quickie; I've been thinking, how does Ironman training fit in with work and family life, or are the two mutually exclusive?

    How do you train for a marathon, a 2.x mile swim and a zillion mile bike ride, and still find time to work, keep the other half happy, and take little Sally to ballet classes?
  • To quote Mr Melik on Friday evening:

    "I think you have to be single."

  • Easy - if your other half is also a triathlete like mine!
  • Seriously though - it means getting up sometimes at 4.30am to go run. Swim training - take the kids and your spouse maybe to the pool with you, they can have fun messing around in the water while you train. Our pool has a 50m lap area, a separate fun pool for kids with a water slide, and there's a tots paddling pool for little 'uns.
    Bike to and from work, if it's feasible. If you really want it, there's ways to get it all done.
  • I agree, I am fitting in 9 plus hours a week at the moment, I work three days, freelance the rest of the week, have an allotment, two children and a husband who works longer hours than I do and is away for periods of time, and then the youngest wanted me to go into his school to help out so I do that for a few hours on a Thursday now, I early morning swim, bike to and from work at the moment I am managing three of each a week, but they do need to be longer, something which I am working on.
    The thing I let slide is the housework, well as Quentin Crisp said "After 7 years it doesn't get any worse."
  • Monique, you have my admiration, managing a family home, children, husband, work and fitting in your training must be hard. Plus you do so well in so many events. I live alone and dont even have a GF at the mo and struggle to fit it all in. Oh and I only live 10 mins away from work.

    Maybe I should resuce the 20hrs a week I spend on the darn forum lol.
  • Yeah, that contributes to the late nights I shouldn't be having.
  • Monique - me too! Housework has to take a back seat to training, plus the dogs have to have their share too, hubby isn't a problem as he's always ready to join me for a swim or run, & he bikes to and from work (hilly 20 miles each way).
  • Single is the new married.
  • when do you sleep!? I'd love to start training for an Ironman ( after i recover from an oversue injury) but 4:30? and i don't even have kids.
  • Mostly on Sunday afternoons - LOL!!!
  • I have been a single parent with two kid to look after, worked full time and still managed to train for and complete four IM's and four half IM's.
    My point is if you want it bad enough you will find the time.

  • Abso-bloody-lutely amazing!! Take me hat off to ya!!
  • WH - *really*? Wow, that is truly impressive!!
  • WH - yes, that's my point exactly. If you really really want to, you will.
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