C.A.C.K Cup Quarter-Finals

Thank-you for all your second round votes, there were some very exciting ties with little to choose between many of the competitors. Except for Flake and Ripple, with the latter taking an absolute dusting from the former.

Hot off the press is the quarter-final draw. As ever, pick your favourite. Bar names are all encompassing and include all varities of size, shape and flavour (e.g. Twix incorporates normal and king size etc)

Chocolate Orange Vs Twix
Twirl Vs Dairy Milk
Toblerone Vs Aero
Flake Vs Marathon

Latest Betting

Flake Evens
Toblerone/Dairy Milk 11/4
Aero 3/1
Marathon/Twix/Choc. Orange 6/1
Twirl 10/1


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