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I've been following the fat club threads a little and seen that there are people from both weight watchers and slimming world here. I am trying to decide which to go for. I have done SW on and off for 2 years, lost 2 stone and now fluctuate between losing and gaining that last half stone. I love the fact you caneat all the pasta etc you want with slimming world but think i often eat too much! I don't know of WW would give me a bit more restriction to get that last bit off once and for all!

Any ideas on which is best for a 20 mile a week runner plus circuits, boxercise and bodypump?




  • Save your money and run more.
  • try reading Lighten up by Pete Cohen - its a really interesting take on dieting /exercise with the emphasis on getting more active and the psychology behind eating and dieting - its based on some of the priciples of motivational and sports psychology and theres a website and support programmme and short courses -www.lightenup.co

    having watched fat friends I wouldnt find that kind of group to be very helpful as i'd rather exercise and eat healthily than become a slave to calories!
    why dont you join the daily online fit and curvey club here -its very helpful and motivational - you can save the money too and spend it on treats ...or entering races!

    you ve done really well so far and only have 7 lbs to go -I bet you could easily lose that by new year in the fit club!

    honestly EC give it a go for a couple of weeks- the people in it are really brill!
  • I shifted 2 stone with weight watchers CD rom and a WW food diary. I like WW as it steers you towards healthy food. Plus the more you run the more you can eat. If this final stone does not shift soon I'll be back on it.
  • Yeah, come and join us.
  • Thanks for your replys everyone!

    I went back to slimming world last night for the first time since June and have only gained 1.5lb since then so wasn't as bad as I thought! I have had a very healthy last couple of days and am feeling very motivated at the moment-although I don't know how long that will last as I am going to New York on sunday! (Not for the marathon, just general holiday and shopping spree!)

    I'll try and keep up with the forum club and I WILL lose 7lb by christmas!

  • go watch the marathon and get motivated by it!

    keep with it and you will lose 7lbs by christmas
  • Hello Emma C
    I am re-joining slimming world tomorrow night but I have 4.1/2 stone to get rid of. I am determined to try harder this time as running is proving hard with so mucg weight. I feel like the incredible hulk or the mitchelin man.
    Hope we both manage to get rid of some by Christmas.
  • Don't diet. Eat sensibly and properly and exercise more. Sorry to sound so smug but I believe it really is that simple
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