Ultrasonic Dog Chasers


As a follow-up to the thread below (I hate dogs). I thought I would ask if there is much experience out there of using ultrasonic dog chasing deterrants.

Here is my experience below.

I bought a hand held ultrasonic dog chaser (DAZER).
I found the results with it inconsistent. Some dogs seemed to ignore it and still approach me, while others did balk away.

It was hard to know if the dogs would have stopped chasing anyway - except for a few occasions when there was an immediate reaction after pressing the button.

I gave up using it quite soon (only carried it for a couple of weeks) as I am lucky enough to be able to have running routes away from doggy areas and found it easier in the end to do that rather then carry the zapper with me.

Has anyone done a more extensive test than above?

Anyone interested in trying one out here is a link below:



  • I must confess, I often take my dog out with me on runs. The reasons are quite simple...don't have time to walk him AND go for a run, so do both together. Not only that, but it is much safer for a lone female runner to be with her guard dog (they don't know he's as soft as mush..he just looks fierce, being a german shepherd!)
  • you keep him on a lead i hope?
  • Roz,

    I have no problems with well trained dogs. They would not need to be detered by an ultrasonic device.

    From lack of response to my original posting it would seem there is not much experience out there of people using these devices.

  • Hi Benz, yes, I keep my dog on a lead when we are on roads but I go on a lot of cross country paths / bridleways so I do let him off then (apart from if there are sheep and other livestock).

    KP, I've not had any experience of anyone pointing an ultrasonic device at Guy (my dog) but he leaps away from flapping black bin bags if that helps!
  • AHA - sometimes low tech. is the answer

    I think I might try singing at the dogs while wearing a bin liner - that might scare them off better than ultrasound.

    Give Guy a a pat for me.
    All the best
  • I think singing might scare more than the dogs but hey! give it a go, I'll stand bail for you!
  • Roz,

    Strange as it may seem, I actualy do enjoy singing when running (slow runs and when nobody else around).

    That's the reason for the nickname Karaoke Pacer.

    Nice to know I've got some support if I get arrested or sectioned for it - BUT THEY WILL NEED TO CATCH ME FIRST!
  • Tell me when and where you run and I'll put my earplugs in, keep the pets indoors and close the window shuters!

  • Maybe come accross oneo of those dogs that howl when you sing to it - distract it enough that it will not chase or bite me.

    THANKS Roz,

    Even if I didn't get any info on ultrasonic dog chasers - at least we've had a laugh.

  • My pleasure! If I have any more dog stories, I'll be sure to let you know.

    Keep Warbling!
  • Hi Roz, Interesting to read that you put your dog on a lead when you're near livestock. I guess dog owners do that to avoid their dogs being blasted by a farmer's shotgun? Personally, I'd quite like it if my 'owner' had similar rights to get rid of any ill-trained animal that had decided to worry me.
    If a dog walks to heel and obeys its owners commands then that's fair enough. Sadly, a large proportion don't (4 out of 4 during my 70 minute run on Sunday) and it'd be some much easier if those that aren't up to the task were kept on a lead on public footpaths.

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