I don't know much about Tri....

Just watching the Tri coverage on Ch5.


  • Saw it to, I agree Dodge, they seemed a bit suspect...

  • Its a typical Zola Budd situation. Our 'top' people are not ours. Even Simon Lessing is a south african who I think lives in france now. There is an influx of people who can't get in their own teams because of stiff competition so they go to other countries and push out the indiginous athletes.
  • I suppose it makes for good competition but it makes a mockery of the idea of nation competing against nation. Apart from being motivated by the enhanced sponsorship prospects of being an "international" athlete who can compete for gold medals they're hardly likely to be motivated by competing for the UK. It cold easily be any other flag of convenience.
  • where do you get these flags of convenience?
  • Asda do them in packs of 3.
  • i usually wear a 'cross of st george' cycling jersey, and in overseas races i have a big cross of st george flag for crossing the line with, but these flags of convenience sound much more stylish than boring old red and white
  • thanks higs... if george davis invented them they are sure to be stylish AND frugal, which sounds ideal
  • I understand you can carry several at one time in case you find yourself (a) competing for athletics funding (b) applying for refugee status or (c) transporting crude oil around our rocky coastline in a vessel where the crew and officers speak no common language.

    Note also that the Welsh and Scots are legitimately entitled to adopt the nationality of any team in competition with England, regardless of any dodgy human rights record or which side they fought on in WWs 1&2.
  • good - as long as we don't get the whining ginger gits on our side, that's all that matters
  • hopefully that includes people from the isle of wight too... their eyes are way too close together to br trusted
  • [stretches up to reach barbecue on tiptoe, balancing another prawn on li'l paw]
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