Please everyone, don't get discouraged....

... if you don't get in the London Marathon. There are several other marathons in the UK around April next year. Granted, they won't have the same atmosphere and facilities as London, but your entry will be just as (even more probably) valued and you will also have a far better chance of doing a PB.


  • If I hop round FLM, backwards, blindfolded, dressed as a womble - I'd probably still get a PB - it would be hard not to improve on last time!
  • Fat Face,

    Do you have any suggestions for a flat marathon in the south ?
  • For anybody that is interested I have answered my own question by finding the Shakespeare Marathon, Stratford-Upon Avon. Whilst not strictly in the south a 1.00pm start means anybody living in the London area like myself can travel on the day.

    Would still prefer to do FLM but cheque not been cashed yet so not looking too promising.
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