Jane Tomlinson Again

Jane Tomlinson Again
Anyone see this news item yesterday? She's cycling from Rome to London(?I think)
She really does seem to be made of iron.
I did a similar cycle trip last year, but then I'm not ill! (Still knackered by the end).

Interesting to see that our great british media views her half ironman as merely "half a triathlon".


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    amazing woman
  • Really amazing, I keep thinking about what see has done when I have a bad training session and think to myself what have I got to whinge about.
  • She's finnishing her ride in Leeds, her home town. Round of applause for her I think. Noticed myself that she had completed a half triathlon, one day they will get ti right, we need a leather ball to be kicked at the end of a tri I think, then it would get full TV and media coverage!!!.
  • Rome to Leeds with her brother (not London).

    I cannot try to describe the admiration I hold for the Lady after competing against her in the GNR and London Tri. I had hoped to ride locally with her and, I think it was, her husband when they did John O'Groats to Lands End but couldn't get the time off work.

    I used to feel sorry for myself when I lost my hearing, but Mrs Tomlinson soon puts things into perspective.
  • didnt she do Flm this year too ?

    she was apparently in a lot pain before she set off for this
  • Top lady and still going
  • When I was struggling in my race on Sunday, I thought about her and it certainly spurred me on.
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