Triathlon/cycling shoes/

Can anyone recommend any really good cycling shoes that would do for training AND be reasonable quick transition for 'Tri' races


  • I've got Vittoria with three Velcro straps. They aren't bad. The Tri specific ones tend to have one velcro band, but aren't as adjustable I think ?
  • Stephen, i've just bought some Carnacs with the one velcro strap which are obviously good for racing and I can't see any reason why they shouldn't be a good training shoe as well. Plus they are yellow and silver so are pretty flash.
  • Nice nice Rich ?
  • If it's for tri, it might be important for you to make sure that when you place your foot on top of the shoe (& press down - to minic the action of riding with you foot on top of your shoe) that it springs back into shape allowing you to easily get your foot in whilst riding.
    Specialized did this in the shop and haven't since (tut!)
  • Nice was nice thanks Cougs. Weather not brilliant, similar to here, but managed to find six and a half mostly dry hours on Sunday, then just an hour and a half blast up Col de Vence and back yesterday.
  • I think these shoes are rather funny-looking and not at all flattering.
  • Jeepers Rich - you should have come up tpo the Lakes - 48 hours of sun. Hence my RW vest shaped sunburn.

    Jj - You are so right. And you spill your tea if you walk across a cafe in them.

    Us cyclists suffer for our sport.
  • I've got red/blue/white Sidi one's and I think they look super!

    I was told it's best to get tri specific shoes rather than road ones as they have an extra grip bit to help prevent slipping when getting on/off the bike. Not everyone can get their foot into the shoe while it's attached to the peddle! Not without falling off anyhow:o)
  • i have some shimanos with 3 velcro straps.
    for tri i just take the 2 lower straps out and use the upper one.
  • ooo!

    [opportunistic ruffle]
  • Think I have the same Carnac shoes as RichardM - mainly black with a few darts of yellow at the back with some grey to.

    They have one wide velcro strap and seem easy enough to get in and out of (though ive only done 1 Duathlon so far).

    They were about £90 though.

  • Bet they're bigger...
  • I use specialised body geometry race shoes - twin velcro straps fast on and off and very comfy
  • Thanks for all the input guys, i've ordered a pair of the Sidi TR1 (White/blue/red) as they look great and seem to be a sort of hybrid cycling/tri shoe. should arrive soon, hope the fit is OK! only trouble with mail order - all that back and forth nonsense.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    hope you've got narrow feet stealthman - I tried those Sidis and with size 10 plates of meat they were too narrow
  • mmmph, could be a problem. have to wait and see - I don't posess the skiniest feet in the world - but they are pnly size 7.5
  • I've got the SIDI T1's in white red and blue. Brand new I have only had them about ten days. Very comfortable. I have practiced leaving them on the pedals and setting off and coming home and they are fine. They do not spring back to shape but they are very soft and soon move when you push your foot in them. I too have size 10 feet and ordered a 10.5. I haven't found them in the slightest tight as earlier stated and I do have wide feet. I have also worn them with and without socks and they're fine either way. And they look great!!!!
  • Is it not easier just putting them on, and then clipping in ? Maybe a tad slower, but surely a lot safer ?
  • <cougie settles down in deckchair to watch the T1 exit>
  • Thanks icedog you've got me all excited about them arriving again - and the shop did ring to check mysize to give them a better idea of what size to send helpful.
  • i'm with cougie on this one
  • Pull up a deckchair ! Thermos of tea ?
  • I've got narrow feet so Sidi fit fine. I always put mine on before getting on the bike as I just know I'd end up riding with no shoes on!:o)
  • don't forget the blanket over ya knees.

    seriosuly if you can make it down to swindon for the duathlon you'll have the pleasure of seeing the elites tippie-toing over the gravel on the way out of transition.. before wibbling off down the road putting their feet in.
  • Hey peeps!

    Just got myself a pair of Carnacs TRS 7's and having a accident in my old Carnacs about 5 yrs ago I have never worn clipless on the roads since - but now is the time to get back with using them and trying the newies.

    Does it get any easier getting your feet out at split second moments?

    and Rich they do look flash!!!

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    depends if you have reactions that mean you can unclip whilst leaning sideways at 45 degrees.........
  • Does get a bit better, been using them 3 months and had to unclip in super quick time on Sunday or else id have fallen off at the dismount point at Stratford Tri in front of 200 people - NO PRESSURE.

    Seems unclipping is becoming an unconscious act for me now.

    Cant tell you how much relief I felt.

  • Felt much more confident in them today and didn't fall of for a change! I've got a mighty impressive bruise from my fall on Sunday:o(
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