Shops in Bath/Bristol/Gloucester

Are there any decent running shops in the Bath/Bristol/Gloucester area?

I was wanting to get a 'second opinion' on the best shoes for me (to help with shin splints). There is somewhere in Bristol but I can't remember the name.


  • Easy Runner (St. Michael's Hill) Best in the area in my opinion
  • Got a Sweatshop as well now, bit out of the way, but you can get 10% off with the URWFRC. I was up there a few weeks ago getting some winter gear and got 10% without even asking. did endup spending quite a bit tho
  • There's "Sportsshoe" on Cheltenham High Street (opposite Argos). As the name suggests, it sells nothing else. It has a reasonable range of shoes and fairly helpful/knowledgeable assistants. Unfortunately there's no treadmill, so you have to jog about the shop.

    Ask nicely, and they'll probably give you 10% discount.

    (Maybe worth having a good hunt about these forums and elsewhere for advice on the shin-splints.)
  • Easy runner Bristol, be prepared to spend a good hour buying shoes though as the shop is always busy and they are very thorough making sure you leave with the right shoes.

    I bought a new pair 4 weeks ago and tried on about 12 pairs, each with a run up and down the hill outside, with the salesperson (all experienced runners) watching your running gait. Only downside is the lack of parking nearby.

    Hope this helps

  • I have to say I decided to go to Easy runner. Yes parking is an absolute pain - spent 20 minutes looking for a space - then going to the big multi story 5 minutes away.

    BUT, they were absolutely brilliant. I spent over an hour trying on different shoes until they were perfect (or as close as). And they gave lot's of helpful advice, which I will have to remember as soon as my shins are fixed.

    Thanks Easy Runner
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