Triathlon swimming masterclass in Walsall

Before I send my cheque off to a complete stranger - has anyone any experience of this class. Is it any good?


  • Run by a guy called stuart (BCT) as far as I remember. A couple of my relations have been on them. I believe it was a learning experience for both of them. Certainly one of them has been back for more
  • have a look on

    i know dre has done one and rated it highly, i think there's a thread somewhere on there.
  • Thanks guys.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    dr nic and MM have done this one - ask them
  • Jonny, think I may join you. I have heard of this Masterclass but not been on one.

    Staurt the organiser is involved with Black Country Triathletes and Longest Day Triathlon etc.

    Ive had dealings with him via The Longest Day chat forum and he's given me tips there.

    Dont think youll have any problems at all.
  • Hi all,

    Someone pointed this thread out to me so I thought I'd dive in and answer any questions people may have about the course.

  • I picked up a form for this at Wombourne Sprint Tri after being told about it by one of the marshalls there, and I was very tempted. It seems better value than many similar training days.

    Unfortunately I'm running the Manchester 10k on that day, but I'll be looking out for them to run more masterclasses.

  • Ooh hello Stuart! *waves*

    I can vouch for this, was v good, intensive but not scary, lots of fun, lots of drills and work on form, well explained, time for one-on-one stuff as needed. You get videod too which is an eye-opener! Well worth the money.
  • We've though about this and knowing that Triathletes like to do a bike ride on a Sunday Morning the course doesn't start till 4.30pm (till 7.30pm)


    STuart Steele
  • I look forward (um..) to seeing myself on video, friends tell me I've loads of room for improvement.
    Current best time for 400m is 8:15. I'd be happy to stay at that speed and conserve some energy! Others training at my local pool seem to be focussed on power, but I'm more keen on improving technique.

    This feedback is what i like about RW forum. I'm usually wary about things on the internet hence this thread. Happily, though this course sounds just what I need. My cheque will go in the post shortly!

    Jonny C
  • I'll post off my cheque this weekend. See you in Walsall Jonny & Stuart.
  • it looks like I'll be able to eat in april then

    so far we have 3 teachers and 10 students

    Look forward to seeing you then

    Stuart Steele
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