Any beginners doing the R4L tonight in Battersea?

If so I might see you there!
Any ideas of what the first and last finishing times are for this race? (I know some people walk it!)
I'd like to know I won't be behind the granny with 2 walking sticks.


  • Also, any tips for my very first race ever?
    I have been told not to set off fast and to be in the middle of the pack.
  • Not doing this one but have done a couple before and the main advice is, just enjoy it! There will be a really wide range of abilitys and guarantee if you are going to run it you will be in front of loads of people. Lots do walk this and as long as you line up with the runners rather than the walkers you should be fine.

    Line up mid pack and this will prevent you going off too fast.

    Good luck and post back how you get on :-)
  • Thanks AJH, will post my update tonight or tomorrow.
  • Yay, I did it! Ran the 5k in 32 minutes, which I work out to be a 10 minute mile.
    I did everything wrong though! I started at the front by accident, but I made sure to keep out of people's way, and my first 1k was done in record time, but I still had plenty of energy left for later.
    So pleased with myself!
  • Well done!

    It sounds like you enjoyed it. I expect you are looking through events now to book another one!
  • Thanks!
    I'm doing another R4L in July, and a week after that have entered for my first quarter marathon. A bit nervous at that but I start training for it tomorrow.
    By the end of the race yesterday I definitely felt like I could have kept going. Good to finish on a high like that.
  • I was there last night too. I managed 28 mins 12 seconds, which is my PB. Yee ha!
  • Well done! I aspire to under 30 minutes!
  • What one are you doing in July Prima? I might be doing one then.
  • I felt like I set off too quick, but it felt niiiice cos all the other gals were motoring, then I kept going too fast (le puff le pant) till the last 1K when I started to doubt my sanity, and then the last 500m were pure will power to keep going at anything like a decent pace! It was madness! There was a gal in a rowing club tee shirt and we were together all the way round till the last 500 when I turned into steptoe senior, barfing up me lungs and she strided gazelle like over the finish line. Still, my running guru in the office (recently finished the london marathon with his eyes glued to Nell wats er faces bum) tells me if its an improvement on your personal best then its going in the right direction.
  • it was fun though!
  • I'm doing the St Albans R4L on 4th July with a friend, and the Bushey 1/4 Mara on the 11th. Which one are you doing?
  • Think I may be doing the Blackheath one. A team from work are entering.
  • Good luck! It's a great atmosphere.
  • Well done you guys, I ran it too but time was nearer 35 minutes as my friend and I got there late and started way back. Was great fun though, and very nice to have someone to talk to when running as I'm normally up at ridiculous hours running on my todd!

    Has inspired me to run further, am going to do the RNLI 10k on May 23rd (my birthday!). Would love to do another R4L though as it was so well organised and a lovely atmosphere - weren't the goody bags great too! Those bounty ice cream bars rocked and I got loads of fresh fruit for my son's lunchbox haha!
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