Nike London 10K

Is this race meant to be totally exclusive to Londoners? I only live down the road (on the Coast!!) but enter quite a few races in the London area. I only ever hear about this after it is full. When I saw the article about this year's event in the new Runners World mag I really thought I had a chance. Went into the website immediately but its already full unless I go to lots of the training runs and get lucky in a draw. I don't mind travelling to London for a race but not to train! I never had this problem with the Women's London or the Carlton until the latter killed off the former!!


  • Wend - I live and work in London and I didn't hear about it until it was full, either. There was (apparently)a massive local publicity campaign, including radio, which must have done it. Shame - but apparently the last Nike 10k was pretty crowded, anyway. Try the British Open 10k in July - badly organised but a great central London course and didn't fill up for a while...
  • Hi, I managed to get in because I registered before the race opened and so was told as soon as the webiste was up. Im looking forward to it as I havent done a 10k before and didnt want to do a small race first.

    Did anyone else get in, as Im starting to wonder?

  • IS this the one I've seen pictures of in the mag with everyone in identical tee shirts (that makes it easy for your mates to cheer you on then) with everyone running like sardines. Presuming sardines could run that is.

    If so, then just looks too busy. Your pace will just get dictated by the congestion.
    And stray Mr Men in front of you of course.
  • I have just moved to london and I'm thinking of doing some of the training runs as a way of meeting other runners. If anyone wants to qualify with me drop me an email. I live closest to regents park but i'm willing to travel to some of the other parks if you like.

  • The Nike 10k IS the run with the cloned shirts; yellow this year - ugh, not my colour at all, but by what I've read here, I am lucky to have got in, so enough complaining about the fashion side.

    Anyone seen the ad on TV for it, the chicken and egg thing? Quite funny, but heaven help anyone who looks like the chicken!

  • I must admit I have no interest in doing this race at all. The GNR and FLM are great 'runners rallys' but for most mortals they are not great races. Do we really need another mass participation event? There are so many excellent local 10k races organised on a shoe string by running clubs who support the sport all year round. Why bother with a mass glorification of Nike (and the resultant free publicity in RW)? I did an excellent 10k last Tuesday a snip at £4 which included excellent changing facilities a traffic free course, plenty of room to get going from the start and a free drinks bottle at the end of it. Nike eat your heart out.
  • I ran this race last year (in fact that was my first race which led to me running the FLM this year) and I am one of the lucky ones to get in this year. It is a fantastic race, not sardines at all as they have three separate starts for different standards (approx 15mins apart). Yes we all had to wear matching t-shirts (last years was pink - yugh!)but it looks amazing when everyone runs together.

    As to doing the Britsh 10km instead, I did this one too and it is not a touch on the Nike event.

    If you can make it to the training runs do, I did two a week last year and found them very imformative (you get to trial their gear) and started me off on the right note as to training (see above re: FLM!).

    Finally - do we need another masss participation event? why not? Surely we should be encouraging people to participate in our sport. Besides, the more people that run and want to race must lead eventually to more races which must be good for everyone.
  • Point taken, but as a keen but slow newbie runner (55 minutes for 10k) I'm wary of entering the local races for fear of coming last by a very long least in the mass events you know you'll have some company for the whole race and not just the first 30 seconds! The mass events are a lot less intimidating.
  • I'm with you there Trickle. I do local races - see my comments on yesterday's Trailblazer! - but as a Vet female I prefer to 'hide' amongst lots of other runners. I take training, etc. seriously but realistically know I'm never going to win anything. I enjoy all my races - well in retrospect - but, right or wrong, it gives me much more of a boost to come in the top third of the GNR than last of the 100-odd in the local 10k. I know it shouldn'nt matter to me but I'm afraid if I'm honest, it does!!
  • this is going to be my first 10k, my only other race was a race for life. I too am not brave enough to enter a local 10k in fear of coming last. I know someone has too just prefer it not to be me in my first attempt.. i do intend to do local races as well once Im more used to running but thought this was an excellent intro.
  • Be brave - local races have a wide variety of standards and they're all friendly and very well organised.
    It's great that mass participation races like this exist, but I hope this year's event is better organised than last year. I'm afraid it ranks near the bottom of the races I've done.
  • Having never run this 10K before how do you get there ...........they are saying there is no car parking is this true and I have been told the tube station is about a half hour walk ????

    Any advice on getting there would be great.

    The womens 10k was a great run why did they stop doing this one ???

  • They amalgamated the Womens' 10k with the London Carlton last year. They used the Southwark facilities but seem to have forgotten that a lot more people would be there! The course was OK but the organisation in the Park before and after the Race was chaotic. It seems to have killed off both the races because I haven't heard of either of them this year and previously I had received 'previous entrant entry forms' through the post. Shame I loved the Womens' Race - great atmosphere, etc. and entrants from all over Europe.
  • Kate, the nearest rail station is Richmond, which is about 20 minutes walk to Richmond Gate of Richmond Park. Alternatively, you may be able to park around Richmond or Petersham, although expect the traffic to be heavy, and thousands of other people to be trying to do the same thing. I am not sure where the start is but the road around the park is about 7 miles, so be prepared for an extra walk from Richmond gate if you take the train.

    Saying all that, the park is a fantastic place for a run, and our club is lucky enough to have regular use of it. Well worth a visit!
  • The start is between Roehampton gate and Sheen gate. When you pick up your race pack there is information about getting to and from the event. It appears there will be a number of shuttle bus from various stations like Wimbledon, however it will be interesting to see whether the planning works out when all the runners and spectators turn up on the day! I seem to remember that Barnes and Mortlake stations are the nearest if you're walking.
  • I noticed the Nike 10K last year but chickened out of applying. However this year I was determined not to miss it and so attended 5 training sessions and have thankfully gotten through.

    I have to say that I am enjoying the training which has given me confidence to run the race itself.

    This is definitley a stepping stone for me to enter into other local races and of course the ultimate race, the London Marathon 2003.

    To all you runners who have gotten through good luck and I will see you there.
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