I don't think we should start getting all excited

Looks as if the bequeathing among us have had our dosh taken from our bank accounts pretty quickly!

I reckon they've just taken the signed for bequeath entries first and pinched the wonga!


  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Ahhh...............but maybe if there's a thousand of us...........
  • Nice thought!
  • I always followed the logic that the bequeathed ones would be cashed first as they don't have to await the result of any ballot - they are cashed regardless of what's happened.
  • Scaremonger! Pessimist! ;-)
  • Come on lets be optimistic

    Um.. trying to find something optimistic to say

    Err....there is always other marathons

    Cashed and bequethed by the way
  • I didnt bequith my money and my cheques been cashed

    My reasoning is if I want to give money to charity I dont need to wait to do a marathon to do it. Pretty soon it will be the London fund raising parade instead of a serious run anyway
  • I bequithed my money a few years ago and I got in via the ballot, so live in hope guys!
  • I didn't bequeath but mine's been cashed. I hope this means I'm in, not that my cheque's been cached by mistake!!!
  • I didn't bequeeth my entry fee this year, as I had the same thought as most of you. Except for 2000, I have applied and been rejected every year since 1995 and I bequeethed each time. I haven't this year incase it meant I had a better chance of getting in. Call me a cynic, but it's worth a go.
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