Benzy's Burping Burpday Bonanza

Top O' The Marning to Y'all




  • Morning all
    Happy birthday Hipp :O)
    Nightshift over ....going to bed now.

    night all :O)
  • Happy Birthday Benzy

    May you always run with the wind at your back

    Have an extra special good one


    Happy Birthday Benzy :o)

    Morning peeps!
  • [faint whirring sound as li'l fluffy cloud floats into view, dispensing Smarties and Happy Birthday streamers]

    morning all

    Will popped in last night and no one said hello to him. If that had been me I would have *flounced* out and slammed the door.

  • (but then he's a grown up)
  • I wasn't online last night Jj....

  • 'lo Wabbity.

    that was one of those comments that was meant to be light-hearted but had all the smiles sucked out by the Submit button.


    Have a good day, everyone.
    Benzie - enjoy your bithday - and that's an order.
  • Jj - :o))

    Soz. I obviously have a humour bypass this morning :oP

  • Anyone for a soaking. Concerned my HPWC is going rusty!!!!

  • Does it contain hot water Wabbity?

    Only I managed to mess up the settings on my water heater timer, and instead of climbing in for a lovely hot soak this morning, the water was stone cold :o(
  • Wot about the birthday girl?

    Then we can get her and do the bumps, 39 and one for luck!!!
  • Morning Hippo

    so you and I are the "same" age for the next two months

  • Scrambled eggies and crumpets for brekkie :o)
  • Bearity - Here you go. Just boiled a kettle for you! Let me pour it down your back.....

    Oooooooooh sorry is it a tad too hot! :oP

    At least now you don't have a hairy back! LOL

    Yes, Benzy Bumps are in order!!!!!!! Where is she.

    Morning FLR..... Is it the big one for you then! PARDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..........

  • Bearity.... Wonder where you got that idea from! You're a one for some crumpet! lol
  • Happy birthday Benzy, lots of gin in order I think !
  • Where is burpday girl.......... :(

  • hippos nose peeks round the corner

  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooo

    Horns are blown, Party Poppers let off and Streamers fly in the air!!!

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaarning Biffday Girl
  • Bye peeps - off to wuk - hippo bathday to Benz when she gets here :o)
  • oops - cross post!!

    lo Birthday Benz!
  • mwah mwah

    warm baps and a nice pear for the birthday girl
  • sluuuuurp
    oh, i shoiuld plod
  • Hippy Birthday - have a good one with lots of gin and things.

    Here's a nice cup of tea to start your day

  • happy birthday, morning all
  • Morning all,
    Have a happy birthday Hippo, hope its a great day for you
  • very quiet in here today,
    hello....(echos hello, hello ...)
  • Happy Birthday Benzy!

    Hi everyone else!
  • buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp
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