Anyone doing Mansfield Sprint Tri?

Anyone else doing it? It's my 3rd year of racing it and it's ok. The bike is short, around 10miles, and similar to Stratford with a hefty hill near the end with a great down hill into the finish.



  • We're obviously not talking about the same Mansfield!! Or do you come from Sheffield?
    It's definately a hill.

  • I'm doing it, and I can confirm it is a hill!!. It may be the only one weve got but it is there, and will hurt the legs just prior to the run!!. The downhill side of it is good though, thats were I get my bike up to warp factor 9!!!.
    As I live in Mansfield I just have to do it... First time for this one though so looking forward to it, oh yeah and the pool is only 20mtrs so you do more turns than expected..
  • 3rd time for me..... had to laugh at last years T-shirt I asked for and got a XL, being a fat bloke, and it was tiny, I gave it to a friend who is smaller than me and it's too small for him.... I asked if any chance of a bigger one as it was ridiculous..... and they said they were 'tight fit XL's'..... hum a fat bloke who asks for an XL is likely to want it to be figure hugging. :0)

    Lets hope this years is better.

  • Icedog
    What road is this hill on and which pool are they using?
  • Muzzy, the hill is on the A60 just as you enter Warsop from the north side, but then you get to fly down the other side as you enter Warsop, once in a quick left turn and into the run. The pool is at the Warsop leisure centre, but as said earlier it is only 20m, not the usual 25!!
    The down hill part of the hill, I usaully get to about 39/40mph without really pushing too hard.
    When you start the hill, it is straight out from a left turn and your onto the bottom of it, but it is also a very fast road and an area nortoriuos for bad RTA's. Not wanting to put you off but it is usually down to impatient drivers overtaking other vehicles and having a good old head on!!. I cycle it regularly and have had no problems, and it is well policed by both regulars and specials during the event.
  • Sorry icedog and Prozac. Having heard where this so called hill is I agree with tryharder.

    Do the Rother Valley sprint tri and you will see what I mean.

    I used to go out of Warsop towards Cuckney, your downhill, which is much steeper.

    I am assuming the bike course loops round through Cuckney and is not a there and back job.
  • yes it is a loop, all left hand turns so it makes it safer. the scenery is pretty good too.
  • I'm sure that something else is happening on June 13th, just not sure what!

    I may yet do this if you can enter on the day, just cannot think why 13th June seem to ring a bell?
  • Ok it's not a hill. Hardly a lump. Almost smooth.
    My mistake.
  • Mind you, climbing out of all the potholes in the road could make the course hilly!

  • Who did it then???
    I finnished in 59.52 which is what I was expecting, although looking at my training partners times I am a little saddened that he beat me by so much. Seems he can run faster than he lets me know!!!
    started at 1046hrs s it was getting quite hot by then and for the time on the bike and the run I did get sunburn on my head and shoulders, and for some reason the back of my legs??
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