Malvern tri 16/5

.....anyone got a response?


  • No response yet, most races don't send out swim times until appx 1 week before the event. As I entered few weeks ago I am assuming that I am in as most organisers return your entry straight away if the event is full.
  • Fair point........but the cheque hasn't been cashed either.
  • Hopefully that means they won't cash the cheque until they confirm entries.
  • yes, let's hope that. We have organised this to be a family event with the boys doing the aquathon too and doing b&b aswell. Not having the cheque cashed does make the planning more difficult. I dont really fancy the 2hr drive on the same day & possibly an early start too.

  • Have you done the race before? I've done it a few times and I've always enjoyed it.
  • No, I assume the bike will be hilly?
  • Oh yes, and so is the run.
    The 1st km out of transition for both bike & run is the hardest. This is one of the very few times I use my lowest gear on the bike, so whatever you do don't leave it on the big ring.
  • Deep joy on finishing this one then.

    So the bike,

    worse than Mold?

    worse than Clitheroe?

    And surely the run can't be worse than Denbigh. They supply a grab rail there so you can fight for your last gasp of breath

    (scoots off to the garage to see if there are any bigger cogs there)
  • I've not done Mold, Clitheroe or Denbigh so I can't comment.
    My lowest gear is 42/23 and that is OK.
    There are some good descents to look forward to, and the swim is as short as it gets, only 400 yards.
  • hmmmmm I'll look to see if I have a 23, i think.
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