Bum bags

I know we’ve already had a “where to put your key” thread, but what about jelly babies, gels, tissues, condoms and all that other essential running stuff? I need something a bit bigger than the ant size pocket I got with my running shorts. A bum bag would seem to be a solution…..BUT are they just a tad girlie?
Your opinions valued as always… I wouldn’t want to appear un cool!!


  • High5 do a slimline bumbag - more like a wallet than a bag - very inconspicuous, and you can also use it to carry gels in the belt part - a bit like a bandolier full of ammo ?

    Or else get a waist water bottle carrier. They usually have a bit of a pocket ?
  • Sometimes Cougie, they come with a WHOLE pocket!
  • I've got the bottle carrier belt and don't see a problem with that....

    tissues and condoms eh????

    Yeah, right!!!!
  • I think Simon likes to go "posh" if you know what I mean!!!
  • Jon: Yuk. My Dad has a bumbag and its cool. He's 63. Just don't get a pink one with Barbie on it and you'll be fine. I am considering a drinks belt for longer runs. I have also seen those hats where you can put bacardi in one side and coke in the other, both having tubes that come out and mix it in your mouth. What about one of those???
  • No, I think we would all like you to explain that Jon...
  • I'll get cazzed!

  • I don't have any pockets or bum-bags - don't carry anything at all - feel I've got enough getting myself round without any extraneous weight!!!
  • SR - you ok? Only you forgot to insult me!
  • Well my bum-bag isn't girlie! I've also got a camelbak bum-bag thingie for long runs.

    All very butch!
  • No problem - John and I both have several different kinds depending on whether we're doing a short run, long run or very long run. Here nobody looks twice at people running with bum-bags, waist carriers, or camelbaks.
  • Just to clarify then - bum bags are butch!

    I think I'll go get me a bum bag tomorrow then!

    Thanks all for your help (and Jon!)
  • Bum bags are cool, but you must carry it over your bum, and not in front or you'll look like a German tourist. ie not cool.
  • Use my walkman holder for keys and the rest haven't had a bum-bag since 14 - it was cool then -

  • SimonF

    Will you find one big enough? []

  • Men cant wear bum bags, its just not right unless you are German, on a beach and wearing a thong!

    As so rightly pointed out on the BBC Comedy the Office the other night, in America Bum bags are called Fanny bags (as thats what they call their Arse's over there!).

    So any man feeling the need to wear a Fanny Bag is no man as far as I'm concerned.

    Consider yourselves TOLD!

    Oh and by the way, I saw a Wrist Wallet thingy advertised somewear. Looked like it might do the trick!

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