Nike advert

.... that fabulous Nike ad where the bloke and girl are running in the rain and keep splashing each other?? Isn't it fantastic? Not only is it by far the best ad on TV at the moment, it actually inspires me to get out and run!!

Just to top it all, my friend used to live on the street in Budapest where it's filmed!!


  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Classic ! Thanks for letting me know where it was filmed.
  • Just spoiled by the Reds at the end! Otherwise great ad.
  • Yeah, it's a poor ending!! I don't quite see the point of it!!
  • It's a great ad. I saw it last week during a break in the Champions League football, and I thought it was hilarious. Perhaps we should start a thread about being splashed by team buses whilst out running. Just imagine:

    "Last January, I was TOTALLY SOAKED by a bus carrying the Tranmere Rovers team to an away game against Swindon"...

    "That's NOTHING, *I* was knocked to the ground once when the Glasgow Rangers team bus drove through a REALLY BIG puddle caused by a bloked drain. I remember Stefan Klos and Billy Dodds pointing at me and laughing. My Supernovas *still* aren't dry."

    What do you mean, we've already done that thread? :-)
  • Yes what is the point of the r
    Reds at the end?
    Apart from giving wealthy footballers even more money from advertising.
    Great advert but,
    I agree very poor ending...........
  • crap ending. should be Haifa after tonight.
  • Did they lose?
    Oh good!!!
  • Oh dear. 3 nil against Haifa, such a hotbed of football. I'm devastated!!!

  • I think the reason Ferguson, Ferdinand, Solskjaer, and Van Nistelrooy are there is to reinforce the fact that the Nike now produce the Manchester United kit. The whole point of the ad is about branding. Note how United's most famous player (he of the customised Adidas boots and sparkly shellsuits) wasn't featured...
  • Yeah the above is correct.
    Cant quite understand all the people who are anti united especially the people who dont follow football.

    I am a mighty Crewe Alex supporter and do not support Man United at all.

    But when English teams play in Europe (even Liverpool who i hate with a passion) i still want them to win.

    Due to the fact that if all English teams do well we improve in rankings and gain extra places in Europe etc.
  • It does feel a bit crap that such a fab running ad is highjacket for bloomin' football again. (groan). Couldn't they have had someone more running focussed??

    Bloomin' football. Grrrrr....
  • I am with you Cathryn......

    It wouldn't bother me if English teams didnt play at all, never mind in Europe, and there is far too much football on tv......

    Sorry Guys, I think we will have to agree to differ, I just dont like football.....
  • should have been the Gooners at the end - weve been Nike longer than them - MUPLC have just copied us!
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