Prickly Heat

Hi there. Noticed in RW advice about sun cream. Anyone out there got any ideas on how to avoid prickly heat? Tried lots of diff creams and anti-hist but nothing works.


  • was told not to mix suncreams and stick to one brand - (used to use all the old ones from the back of the cupboard!)
    pharmacist also suggested 'nivea sun'was best to avoid this, keep covered or in shade if prone to it. last hot hol i took zirket -antihistamine daily to try and prevent it. didn't get it.

  • done liverpool half marathon yesterday, was't too bad apart fro the three killer hills,they were gruelling but had to be done.flat part good surface. Only downside was lack of water stations ,at 9 half mile no water was left ,that's the time people need it the most especially when it was so hot yesterday.Thank you so much to the friendly people who came our of their houses to give us runners jugs of water when we needed it.There should of been more water stations especially when you looked around the amount of people that don't bring water.Weather was great had a good run done it in 2 half hrs. Thank god.
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