Fashion for cycliepeeps

Do any of you lot have frightfully amusing cycling tops?

Do you think they do a Smarties one?


  • hmmm yum yum!
  • Jj
    I hope you notice it says 'Road' jersey.
  • I hate Marnite - yuk... funny though that I like Twigletts.

    Not sure about the Smarties JJ, but maybe someone could make you one...

    In the same way as you have the leaders yellow jersey we could have a smarties one for the best turned out leopard.
  • :oD

    there's a Smarties taxi in London!

    GaryT - presumably MTB chaps wear rufftytuffty camouflage jerseys?
  • Do they do Battenburg ones?
  • Jj
    I hope youre not being sexist referring to 'MTB chaps'. Sport for all you know.

    Its smelly body armour though FYI, yuck!
  • 'chaps' is non gender-specific, Gary.

    Unless we're talking about leather chaps that cowboys wear.


  • lol 'sport'

    its right up there with darts and cheese rolling
  • Ouch,

    So it must pain you C.O. that X-C is on the Olympic agenda this year in Greece. Its a half way house but it wont be long before downhill is added to that list.

    Check out the World Cup in Les Gets (France) this year - a rival for the Tour no doubt.

    You started this Jj.

    PS Moto GP was awesome last week. You almost felt for Rossi when he slipped on that bend. oo-er
  • they do cheese rolling in the next village,but they dont advertise it very well

    it was last week, and i missed it again
  • Cheese rolling's OK, better than the stuff you get in the Velodrome.

    Guys riding round really slowly until the last lap. I'm sure they do it so they spend most of the race with their noses up the front rider's bum. Chase me, chase me!
  • 8o(( <== (wobbly bottom lip and big eyes)

    I didn't start nuffink!
  • do you eat the cheese afterwards?
  • i used to have the most hideous shimano MTB top... thought it was really cool at the time.

    bright pink/purple/blue chainring patterns & stuff.

    if i'm really unlucky my mummy will have a photo of me in it :s
  • Jj that used to be Irongirl clothing - V Cool. Mr Frag bought be onbe of their jerseys for xmas - blue and grey flowers with 50's starlets (Marilyn Monroe, etc) on, time to dig it out I think (and it's very comfy)
  • They do a rather sweet little hat, too! With just a flower on it.
  • do you think their tri-suits would fit me?
  • bella comerford wears that stuff, but she has a nicer bottom than ed
  • Mm nice,
    Still not quite as feminine as the 'queen of the mountains' polka dot jersey. Hey, they have a pink jersey as well on the TourDF. Bit of a theme dont you think.

    You obviously have an eye for this. Pick some nice gear for proper biking.
  • Jj check out the clothing at the primal wear stuff is ace (shame shipping costs so much or I'd order some straight away!)
  • I have recently purchased a climashell adidas cycle rain jacket. It is red and cost £19.99. It has some grey bits.
  • Well I must be looking the part these days, I was pushing my bike back from the childminders after picking my lad up and some chavs asked me if I was entering the tour de france- I think that passes for "wit" in their little world. (Especially as it was Aldis kit I was wearing, which is excellent, nothing wrong with it for training in).
  • I can't wait till primark start doing cycle gear
  • Fraggle! That stuff is so cool!


    Almost makes me want to get the bike out of the garage!

    I said "almost".
  • I can just imagine Jj in the Trashycat gear
  • [narrowed gaze]

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