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Gym Membership

Hi again folks...

I'm sorry about this but being new to the sport and all... still need alot of advice.

I'm thinking of joining a gym near work (Liverpool) and I was wondering what I should be looking for in a gym regarding facilities and prices. I have corporate discount and the price comes to £39.50 a month with no joining fee but unlimited access to the facilities which includes the usual gym equipment, pool & jacuzzi, sauna & steam room, dance studio (for classes) and treatments (massage etc). What do you guys pay and what do you get for it..?


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    Hi Cath, are you going for the postings record ??
    I pay £3.50 a session at a small gym on a campsite , it was a fiver for initial joining and safety brief . There are 3 tread mills (zzzzzzzzz) with hrm's two X trainer one bike , one recumbant bike ( both static BTW ) and a rowing machine . There are around 10 of those funny weights machines, sauna bubbly bath and steam room

    Thing i like about it is that I can come and go as I please and i dont waste money when I'm not in

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    Mercury -- it feels like it :) What it actually is, is the Mr isn't home from work and I'm trying not to fall asleep too early - so am surfing the 'net and looking for running advice. Also £3.50 a session seems alot for me - I mean I'd be using the facilities everyday - so it would work out at £70 a month - yikes!!!
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    The gym i use is Council run. it's either £20 per month (you have to sign up for minimum 6 months at a time) or pay as you go. Normal price is £3.25 a session, but as member of the local athletic club it's discounted to £1.85 a session. There's the usual equipment (stationary bikes x 2, treadmill x 2, rower x 1, weights machines and free weights. Also for a bit extra there's sauna and sunbeds. Showers afterwards are free.
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    Council run
    Cost - £ 25.00 p/month or £5.00 a session
    Area - Herts
    What - Full use of all gym equipment
    Extras - Use of pool, sauna (included)
    Not inc - fitness classes
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    RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Cath,

    I think you've got a fair deal there considering you get all the saunas, classes etc thrown in. I use Fitness First which works out about the same price.

    Where abouts in Liverpool are you? My husband's a scouser and I used to work in Water street many years ago - we're now refugees down South!

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    I don't live in Liverpool. I work on Tithebarn St (next one along from Dale St) and it's the big Crowne Plaza Hotel on the Dock Road (Pier Head) which is offering the deal. I think it's a fairly new Hotel so not sure you'd know it but I thought it seemed to be a competitive price. Plus the other thing is, it's a hotel not a commercial gym, so they don't advertise membership. I went to have a look around and the membership woman has offered a free try-out so I'm looking at taking my training buddy next week to see what he thinks. His gym is one of those back street "men's gyms" where it's like a sweat box and a bit "cliquey"... not a comfortable place for girls :)
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    Hello Cath, I used to belong to a gym in Central London so it's probably not relevant to compare prices for what you get in Liverpool.
    For me my main criteria was lots of treadmills so I would be guaranteed a run at lunchtime. Other than that, I guess it's good to have visible friendly staff who are encouraging, approachable and helpful.
    I did the odd class like Pilates and Kick Fit but mainly it was an expensive way to have a run at lunchtime. When I joined, I thought I'd give loads of the classes a go but I always ended up running instead.
    The other reason I chose it above other gyms was that it had loads of natural daylight and really lovely showers and changing facilities with free lotions and things so it was quite pampering too.
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    georgegeorge ✭✭✭
    Cath, I'm a member of a 'super-gym' in South wales. It costs me £47 per month with an annual standing order. There is a huge gym, lots of different apparatus, Swimming pool, Squash and tennis, Two Swimming pools, Sauna, steam, Jacuzzi,etc.etc. Its great and if used three or four times a week, good value for money! .... This time of year, I Cycle race three or four days a week, and I run ( outside in the sunshine ) three days a week. I rest one or two days too. So work it out yourself how I get my moneys worth !!!!!! Having said that, in the winter and the bad weather, I will get there two or three days every week and there is quite a good social aspect to consider too.
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    Thanks Guys for the answers... I'm really leaning towards joining this gym, mainly because of it's convenience. Fortunately I do a job where I can afford to work flexibly unless I have commitments which can't move (like appointments etc) ... but generally, I tend to be able to get away from work for an hour or so each lunchtime or leave early instead. I think I'll get my money's worth because I'm hoping to talk a couple of colleagues into joining also (we've been on recon missions to a few gyms in the area) so the motivation to go will be higher if I'm committed to going with someone else :) I was unsure of the price though - but it seems to be quite reasonable (if not tha going rate anyway) after reading about all your places. So I have to book this free trial session and see how the equipment works and feels :)

    Thanks again guys :)
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    Coco-CatCoco-Cat ✭✭✭
    George, you don't happen to belong to David Lloyd do you?! We are members of David Lloyd in West Bridgford, Nottingham and get the same: 2 swimming pools, sauna, steam, spa, fab gym, all classes, tennis, squash etc for a monthly fee of £105 for both of us.

    Cath, your deal sounds like quite a good one to me, but it depends what you want. It was really important to me to have a 25-metre fitness pool, and a lot of the 'cheaper' hotel deals round by us only included a funny-shaped, 15-metre pool for chilling out in. If you use the facilities regularly then it works out to be a good deal. We use our membership at least 3-4 times a week each, so we think it's worth it.
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    DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    I'd suggest you check out the gym at lunchtime to see how busy it gets. I've been a member of two gyms in London and both had plenty of treadmills ensuring I don't get kicked off after 20 minutes.
    Also check out the ventilation , my last one had really high ceilings which allowed plenty of air to circulate.However this was to the detriment of the changing rooms which were like a sauna - tiny and cramped.
    Finally check out the showers - in my old gym they controls were the cold to hot variety -allowing me to set the temperature so that after a hard workout I could have a cool shower.In the second gym however the controls were the push button hot or nothing sort. Maybe trivial but for £400 a year worth considering.
    My final point would be if you're spending say £35 a month and a single trip is £3.50 then you need to go at least 10 times a month to make it worthwhile.Also weigh up the fact you may run outside over the summer any only use the shower.

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    Hi Dustin - thanks for the advice.

    I joined the gym I was looking at. Plenty of equipment, near to work, good air conditioning throughout, indoor pool and sauna and finally good changing facilities with complimentary toiletries and towel - so as long as I take my kit, I don't need to lug anything else around.

    Thanks again guys, I'll let you know how I'm doing.
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    I'm sure you won't regret it, Cath. Your corporate deal sounds really good value.

    I'm still thinking about joining a smart, well-equipped gym with an ozone pool (only 20m, but that will do for me) near home after having a free 2-week trial. So far I've always used the council facilities, which give me unlimited access to about 25 gyms and pools and lots of classes around the city for £30 a month, but the posh one is just so-o-o-o temptingly clean and sweet-smelling and friendly and free from loud canned music that it's a close call.

    The ultimate decider may be the fact that although my local gym is really grotty - two treadmills, three steppies, some bikes and a selection of machines in a tiny room behind the swimming pool (want ventilation? punch a hole in the wall) - it's only half a mile from home so I can walk there even on a bad day, whereas the other is nearly 2 miles away.

    Decisions, decisions...

    Cheers, V-rap.
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    georgegeorge ✭✭✭
    Road runner,
    The gym I belong to is called INVICTA and is one of six or seven around the country. This one opened last year near Swansea and its perfectly located on a motorway interchange which is central to most of my travels. And about four miles from home.
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