Working nights ,running days

Im struggling to keep my running going now im on permanent night shift.Has anyone got any suggestions on how to keep myself motivated , im to tired after work ,to scare to go before work incase i get to tired at work..???


  • I`ve just started a new job after working a 3 rota shift system for 3years. I take it that your 8 hour nights, I use to run before my night shift after I had let my breakfast go down(breakfast at 2in the afternoon).I must admit that I didn`t feel too tired during the shift but like yoursrlf I was always shattered after a night shift.One good thing about doing nights at this time of year is you can still get in a couple of longish run during daylight.
  • Hi Danny.

    Having done two years of night shift, I do 4 nights a week 8-7am but they change each week so one week I do

    Yes its hard work and its not easy, but im managing to do most of my runs after work, but I also found that you should treat nights as days, so if you used to run in the morning before work, try running before going to work in the evening.

    You may find that it puts you in good sted for your work ahead.

    I make sure that I do very long runs on days off and on sundays.

    Good luck and let me know how you get on.
  • Hi Danny.I work a week of 12 hour nights followed by a week of the same on days. I have found that when on nights, I do far better to get up at about 3:00PM and run before work. I was a little wary of this at first, as, like yourself, I thought I would suffer towards the end of my shift. It works entirely the other way round for me and my "Early morning" run serves to wake me up and sets me up for the rest of the day. There's also the psychological benefit of knowing that you haven't got to motivate yourself to run after a hard days/nights work, which I have found can make it all too easy not to run.
  • Totally agree with just,on nights at the moment and looking forward to bed at 7am! But definately will be up at 3.30pm to go for my run (be it on a treadmill)
  • I do various shifts that are all over the place,12 hr days and nights, and some 8 hr days but I am lucky because I get loads of time off in between rotations. I also get hour and half meal breaks which is great for training. I have in the past run 4 1/2 miles at two in the morning and run 10miles home from work at four in the morning (mid summer). The runs at night actually wake me up and I have felt much better after. The run home was great it was so quiet, only saw a couple of farmers around and when I got home, had a shower and slept really well.
  • The 4 1/2 and 10 mile runs were on different days! I am also lucky that I have very large area (5 mile perimiter) of private land to run on which is safe at night, although unlit I have a white line to follow.
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