The long plod is over

< Yawn >

Good night folks,


  • nighty night - love Norah Jones!
    -sleep tight-
  • Morning to you and its goodnight from me .... well soon anyway!!

  • hi Imelda

    quiet night I hope?

    Norah puts me to sleep - zzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Morning flr - not tooo bad actually - ready for my bed now tho - have to wait for a relief than I will be outta that door!!
  • good

    you aren't always on nights though are you?
  • No - 2 days / 2 nights and 4 off - not a bad life!!
  • I've asked you what you do before

    it's in the back of my mind that it's local gvmnt but that doesn't really explain the nights
  • Ha! at the risk of repeating myself have a look at the Working at it slowly thread - the last post (as it were!)
  • oh sos

    (flr ambles of to waisters)
  • actually the last post is about stuffing as much food as you can into your face in 15 mins - now THERE'S a job that might suit me :-)
  • Sorry - been nattering for a few posts as well!! oops!!

    Stuffin yer face job - sounds good to me - with a secondary duty of shoe shopping - i'd be as happy as larry!!
  • sounds like a stressful job though - glad it was a quietish night
  • Aha! relief is here - time to log off

    Have a good day pepes!
  • night Imelda

    sweet shoe-filled dreams
  • Bison

    I say Bison ...

    where are you Bison?
  • i'm right here flr
  • flr,

    i've been wondering - if it's not personal - does flr stand for anything or are you just a flower?
  • lol

    flr stands for something

    wanna guess?
  • it's NOT rude BTW ;-)

    used to post under full name and I got told off so often when people met me that I abbreviated it
  • friendly



  • doh


    I wish

    3rd word nearly right
  • fast



  • rofl

    only if we were playing drinkin games - when I suspect I could whip her skinny @rse

    let me know when you're bored BTW
  • preternaturally close

    one letter out in the first word only ...
  • i'm w**king - it could be a long long time before i'm bored of the distraction!
  • fart

    nah - it couldn't be ;)
  • preternatural looked wrong then so I picked up my dictionary to check it and ... found myself checking how to spell fat


    thikn I got up too early

    you was v early today Bison?
  • fat lady runs

    but people got very cross when they met me cos I'm only a stone or two overweight

    we did try to think of other things it could stand for

    and farts like a reindeer is the thread favourite
    (thanks Yeo)
  • don't believe the fat bit!

    we international crime busters have a duty to the public at large, and when I saw that big bison shaped light in the sky at 5am (uurgh) - duty called

    (you'll just have to imagine the soft drum roll in the background)
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