Crawley Beginners??

my mum (50ish - she would kill me to let any one know) is concidering taking up running, does anyone know if there are any beginners courses in Crawley (sussex) or is Brighton Running Sisters the nearest?? Many thanks for any info.


  • Go to and see the running club section. She should be able to contact clubs in her area to see if any are suitable.
    Reigate Priory is probably too far for her, but if she's ever in the area it's a friendly club catering for all ages and abilities.
    Good luck Ph0enix, and hope your mum enjoys her running
  • There is a athletics club in Crawley they organise a 10k and a fun run which is on July 11th thats something to aim for.
  • thank you so much, will pass it on
  • No problem - have fun
  • HI,

    why not come and have a look at our running club, we are Lingfield runners and just up the road from crawley, wher quite a few of our members live.

    We meet at lingfield leisure club opposite the racecourse on tuesdays and thursdays at and saturdays at 10.00 am.

    We are a small and friendly club and cater for runners of all abilities.

    You can ring the club on 01342 832130 in you want to speak to someone first.

    Look forward to seeing you perhaps,

    happy running, Rod.

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