Wednesday session - 30th October

... she posted it on Tuesday!

It's wednesday NOW (after midnight ;) )


What: 3 to 5 mile light run
Why: Had several days off due to knee and calf twinges, so need to ease back into it. Also have new shoes to try.

Last hard: Thursday
Last rest: Yesterday


  • go for it mate
    hope the caramel doesnt slow you down:)
  • what - just finished moderate session at the gym, cycle, rowing and a swim. Treated myself to a sauna afterwards
    why - sore hip, so didn't want to run on it
    last hard day - monday
    last rest day - sunday

    slowing things down in prep for sunday's 10 miler - Guy Fawkes 10 in Harrogate. anyone else doing it. I've heard it's a bit of a brut.
  • Paul,

    Very jealous that you have done stuff already !

    What - Easy 3 miles
    Why - 6 miles with 'the ladies' last night
    Last hard day - last night
    Last rest day - Monday

    Good luck on Sunday and look out for those fireworks !
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    What: 5-7 miles steady
    Why: My training programme tells me to and I have no free will in this matter.
    Last hard day: Yesterday. 8 x 800m efforts in a seven mile run. Ow!
    Last rest day: Friday
  • Its another fantastic day in Huddersfield.. well its not raining yet,anyway.

    What: lunchtime swim.
    Why : hill reps last night.
    Last hard day : yesterday.
    Last rest day : Sunday.
  • Morning All

    What: Cross train in gym at lunch time and easyish 5 mile tonight
    Why: Trying to get a good week in!

    Last hard: Yesterday (Hills at club)
    Last Rest: Monday
  • Last night's session with (inter alia) a 35 minute 10K runner, and a woman who broke 78 mins for a half marathon 5 months ago has - unsurprisingly - hit me q hard. Therefore the plan is:

    what: 5 miles easy
    why: see above
    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Sat
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    This week as been quite tough already. 12 miles off road Sunday, 9 miles off road Monday and 8 miles tempo pace on hills last night. Therefore today is going to be a gentle 1250m of front crawl at the local swimming pool.
  • What: 8 mile hill run
    Why: need to keep mileage up mid week as won't run this weekened as partying.

    Was going to run 12 but was chased by a cow thing 2 dogs and finally a sheep so guessed god wanted me to call it a day.
  • Oh haven't posted my sessions for ages. In fact haven't done a session for a week and a half, oops, slapped wrist.


    Tonight (a must): 5 mile tempo run
    Why: Prep for Sundays 5 miler

    Last hard day (and run): Sunday the 20th!
    Last rest day: All of the days since! :)

    Ok so you lot have to hold me to this as I've been naughty lately skipping training.



    P.S. PB hope you get better soon.
  • Today: Would like to do a gentle 2-3 mile jog just to get some fresh air.
    Why: First recovery run after marathon.
    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Looking forward to getting out again - I can honestly say I hate days off!
  • What: Easy 4/5 miler (weather is too pants to go out on my bike and I haven't sorted out a gym membership for the winter yet).
    Why: Recovering from last nights 10 mile fartlek with club that has developed into a gruesome workout with 3 long (1.5 - 1.8 mile) efforts at sub-10K pace.
    Last hard run: um..last night
    LAst rest day: monday
  • know the feeling MM - now!
  • Going to gym tonight to do rowing workout, apparently its a good cardiovascular workout, but is easy on the old knees.

    Pernickity, when my grandchildren had Chicken Pox my daughter got something from the chemist I think it was called Piriton, it relieves the itching, it also sent them to sleep, not sure what age group can take it.
  • Forgive me runners, it has been 15 days since my last posting.

    What: 5 miles steady
    Why: easing back after an extended post half marathon break (one week turned into two).

    Caz, compared with me you have been devoted to your training!
  • David, perhaps we should say a few hail marys (however that's spelt! :) ).
  • Forgive me forumites for I have slacked etc. :)
  • David - Caz, Actually if you post on the training forum even when you're not running then it should make you feel guilty enough to get out there!
  • What: one hours tennis lesson
    Why: because my coach says that I cannot move up with all my chums unless i pull my socks up and heckling at the back during lessons will no longer be tolerated
  • PB, Piriton is an oral medicine, not the type you rub in, it certainly helped my two, Chicken Pox is not very pleasant, and the spots are everwhere.
  • PB - I had chicken pox at the age of 29, its a nightmare and no amount of lotions will stop the itching!
  • Martin I should be very embarrassed - not run a step since 19th October. I think all my aches are just about cleared up now so I guess its time to build a new schedule.

    As I'm on the road for 4:30 am tomorrow I guess it will be Friday before it starts!
  • What: staying at home warm
    Why: I'm a BIG WUSS

    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last rest: Yesterday

    I should be out doing 35 mins tempo run at track but too tired after two days work. I will shift it all up to weekend to keep miles up
  • PB

    "Medised" is excellent, Paracetamol and anti histamine combined. knocks them out for a good 4 hours.
  • So, a pretty mixed bag for the forum training today eh, but enough people like MM to kep us on our toes! Chicken pox - good you're getting it out of the way while they're small PB. No 'granny always said' type remedies to pass on alas.

    What: favourite xcountry route, at 75% WHR (target marathon training effort, well that's the theory)
    Why: gorgeous day here, and haven't been off road for 10 days due to the weather mainly.
    Got back to the car and couldn't believe I'd taken 3 mins off my previous PB (set about 2 months ago) without thinking about it.
    Moral - don't chase time, it won't want to play. (Anyone else find they never set PB's when they plan to?)
    Last rest: yesterday
    last hard: Mon
  • What: Swim, Sauna, Jacuzzi
    Why: Still recovering from playing football against a bunch of thugs who kept mistaking me for the ball. I loved football before I took up running - now I don't! WHAT HAS HAPPENED?
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