voluptuous and virtuous club Weds 30th

Morning all!!
30 minutes slow jog, washing up, washing , made sarnies, and now gonna have bath
Hope you all have a virtuous day
Still no crisps


  • Hi Benz and all

    Well done re crisps, will power of iron.

    Happy birthday Maccy hope it's brill

    Work today then tempo run on track tonight.

    See you all later
  • Oh yes
    Maccy allowed to eat anything he wants today
    tell us all about it later
    London Pride allowed too
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all, rest day today. Still maintaining the vegan thing but starting to look longingly at the lump of mature cheddar in the fridge! Happy birthday Maccy, have a good one (or two, or three....)

    Good luck to anyone weighing in today.
  • Redhead - so Chorley Cakes are out then

  • Weigh in day today, but been good overall so am hoping for 1-2lbs. No running today, but will do weights for an hour or so after weigh in - will probably get home and eat a horse (sorry Redhead).

    Still no chocolate and just the one cheese lapse. Feeling quite strong in my healthy eating resolve at the moment (long may it last).

  • Hi Everyone,
    How do I join this club (apart from having to lose weight of course) LOL. This club is ideal for me. I'm 3 stone overweight and am having real problems losing it. I eat healthily and run 3/4 times a week and for weeks I lost nothing, I've now finally lost my first 5 pounds but still have a looooong way to go. How long did it take you guys to start losing the weight once you started running?
  • Hi,
    Where did you get the application form from for Reading? I registered on the website to get one sent to me once they uploaded it but I've not heard anything.
  • if you could mail me one that would be brilliant. Are you able to scan it in maybe and email it to me?
  • Morning everyone,
    Welcome Susi, and HAPPY Birthday Maccy... go on have that London Pride, but just the one, (I'm a spoilsport)
    I am going to get ready and go out a nice steady 5 > 8 mile plod, see how I feel, have FW half on Sunday, so I dont want to overdo it, but dont want to sit and do nothing either. And still no Choccie, hey this is too easy... I may decide to cut back on the alcohol, maybe down to 2 or 3 nights. But not tonight, as this is currie night then down the pub (again) oops.
    Have a good day all... and happy dieting :-)
  • Hi all,
    I am very fat today - I am having a very fat couple of weeks.. motivation has gone down the drain for some reason. I've got a 10K on Sunday too...oh dear.. For some strange reason, I have printed off an application form to do the Watford Half Marathon on 2nd Feb.. now why have I done that? Just gonna have some toast and marmalade cos it's raining and cold (yeah, as if I need an excuse!). You all seem to be doing fabulous and I'm very jealous! Happy Birthday Maccy!! Have a drink for me! Off to eat that toast & marm now!
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    EP, if you and Benz are planning to do Reading in 2:10 I will turn up myself and use you as pacemakers.
  • afternoon all

    Happy Birthday Maccy! a little of what you fancy does you good - a lot of what you fancy makes you feel wonderful - enjoy its your very special day!

    hello newbies - these guys ARE brill - I've lost 10lbs over the last couple of months and started running - and thats down to to the fitfolk - thank you peeps!xxx

    Michelle - its no wonder youre feeling a bit low and demotivated after everything you've been going through recently so give yourself a break - I think Ive read somewhere that stress depletes serotonin levels (feelgood chemicals) and that there is a link between low serotonin and carb craving -(thankfully V-rap isnt around cos thats a bit anecdotal!)
    'life is what happens when you are busy making plans'

    weigh in today - lost about 1lb - bit disapointed as I have now run 3 x 25 mins but i can feel myself toning up - now have a big muscly bum as opposed to the big flabby one!
    been for a 45 min walk - recovery from last nights 2hour training session which is very lower body intensive

    catch you all later - have a good rest of the day
    ps Sassie good luck for tommorrow
  • How long did it take you all to start losing weight once you started running? I've been running for 3 months now and eat a healthy diet but am losing weight really slowly. Have only lost 5lbs so far which yes, I know is the healthy way to lose weight but when your 3 stone overweight it should come off quicker.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Nick, how mean! Does Bury have anything as yummy as Chorley Cakes? I love Eccles Cakes too. oooooh, stop it now, it's too much!!!!!!

    Welcome you newbies and happy weight loss. Several of us have lost huge amounts of weight but are still struggling to get rid of the remaining lbs (or, in my case 11/2 st!)

    Hey Michelle, don't worry love. You can't expect to lose anything at the moment. Do you know I put on 7lbs during my stress eating few weeks! I've got rid of 2 of them but it's such hard work.

    Pix, when is Reading? Might fancy that myself.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    SusiQ, don't worry. You're building muscle at the moment. The weight will wobble off. Just keep going.
  • thanks, its just difficult when you don't seem to see any benefit in all your hard work. The weight used to come off so easily and now ........
  • Susi,
    I have been a stone overweight since stopping smoking, then I started running, and I'm still a stone overweight 7 months later, but I have done a 1/2 and full marathon, my butt is solid muscle and even the thighs are quite tight. Some day, the excess fat shall just fall off .. huh a week without choccie and nothing is happening !!! some hope ...
    Oh and has anyone heard of these new 'green tea' pills. Diet tabs without side affects and doctors say they actually work. (probably employed within chemical plant) they speed up the metabolizim etc and reduce absorption of fat into body.. then another doc states this is not really a good idea.. etc. £85 for 3 months... er, think I'll stick with the proven exercise and build muscle burn fat theory.
  • Suzi
    The first bit is the hard bit - I guess thats why most people dont stick with it.
    But thats why the fitclub helps - it helps people deal with real life in real time!

    1lb a week doesnt sound much - 14 in 3 months, 3-4 stone in a year - i guess we are just so used to get everything right now!

    Lifestyle changes - healthy eating and exercise take longer and if they are going to be sustained and need to be developed slowly.
    Boring I know - Ive been there - intensive exercise and diet - fast weight loss then put it all back on and more - thats what the diet industry makes its millions from!
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    SusiQ, Hi. Just a reminder that 1lb of fat is about 4,100 calories. You really *can't* lose weight any faster than around 1lb per week and maintain health.

    It can only be done faster by shedding muscle and other tissues that store calories much less efficiently than fat. This is the reason that fast weight loss results in fast gain afterwards - the body will try and rebuild the muscle tissue as fast as it can as soon as it has the nutrients available to do so. 1kg of muscle contains a *lot* less calories than 1kg of fat, so it takes very little extra to put the weight back on.

    As the saintly V-rap once pointed out here, fat is ace! If it wasn't for fat we'd all weigh about 250kg. Probably 350kg in my case, but that's another matter...
  • Thanks everyone, I guess I'll just have to be more patient :-) Its funny though because although I've apparently lost 5 pounds, you wouldn't know it to look at me :-( Don't you just love it when you diet for ages and people say to you "oooh, you look as if you've lost weight - I can see it in your face". Great, I've been dieting like a demon to lose weight in my face :-)
  • Suzi

    another tip is to measusre yourself - waist hips chest and thigh knee/calf upper arm note it down then measure it monthly and notice how your body is changing (especially ifyou are exercising) rather than concentrate on pounds as it can be quite complex to work out how much weight you are losing when you are toning up and adding more muscle.
  • Thanks, I've tried that too. I don't seem to losing inches either :-(

  • Hi Everyone

    I have just found this thread and would love to join this club. Please can I give you updates on my progress?
    The idea of doing this is scary because I am now accountable to other people and not just myself. Definitely gives me the motivation to go out running more than I have done.
    Just to let you know, I am about one and a half stone overweight. I have applied for Bath HM and London marathons and waiting to find out if I am in. Better start training I suppose.

    Many thanks
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Panther and welcome. Please give us your updates whenever you like. Most of us do a weekly weigh-in on a chosen day and record our losses (or otherwise!). Good luck.
  • Hi all

    I will come right out and say it.

    I am a wuss.

    I cannot face going out tonight as very rainy and cold. I will forsake all garlic bread as a penance.

    I am shifting my training to Fri/sat/sun instead.

    Hi to all the new members, Positive thoughts to michelle.

    Good luck for tomorrow Sassie. Where is the church you are going for. My local has a vacancy :-)
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Josie, I thought I was on my own round here. Reduced to posting on the Dark Side thread again.

    Eat your garlic bread, it will help keep the cold out.

    I'm skiving off running tonight because it's my wedding anniversary. Not an excuse you can use everyday, although we do have two of them, for reasons I won't bore you with.
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