voluptuous and virtuous club Weds 30th



  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Yes I have lost 2 lb since last week,
    excuse for a celebration, get the drinks in.

    Oh dear that will put it back on again,
    not fair is it........
  • Hi Glenn

    How many years, Benz and I are both 37 and married 10 years. If you are either of those it would be well spooky.

    Gaz well done on weight loss.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Josie, it's only four years, although we are both a little older than 37. Perhaps more than a little in my case...

    Gaz, what's that on your chin? Not baby badger blood I hope?
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    As if I would Glenn, bite a little baby badger, he he he he .......

    Thanks Josie, hard work isn't it....
  • Wouldn't know, haven't lost a damn thing for months :-(
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear that Josie, as long as you havn't put anything on thats the thing :-)
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Congratulations on you Anniversary Glenn,
    are you doing anything special ?
  • Wouldn't life be great if we could lose weight for the things we don't eat i.e. we get offered a cream cake, we use all our self control to say no, but do we 'see' any benefit to saying no - nope. If we say no to naughty but nice food we should lose say a 1lb, wouldn't that be great :-)

    Josie - how much weight have you got to lose? You look really slim in your photo.

  • Ah Susi, I am one of those people who lose it around the face. What you can't see is the surplus 14 lbs slung about my bum and thighs. I have lost 2 and a half stone since January, just one more stone to go
  • wow, well done, I'm the same, lose it on my face, all I can say is you hide it well. I take it your dieting too?

  • Not really, Ive been ramping up the training and hoping it would shift the weight. I have lost inches from my thighs and waist but no loss in weight.

    The fat on my bum and thighs is getting annoying as I can feel it when I run. If it doesn't start shifting soon I will have to diet AND I HATE IT.
  • Josie, I'm not allowed to say where I'm going (very hush hush, the C of E). Where is your church with a vacancy?
  • tell me about it, I hate it too.
  • Sassie

    The church is St Saviours in Raynes Park. It has a nice vicarage and my son was Christened there. If it is there you may even get an extra parisoner. If not I hope it is near so I can come and see you puppy.
  • SQ
    My husband hates it more as I am horrible to live with. I get very, very cranky.
  • I'm doing Reading EP

    Off to cook tea and feel guilty for not running ( a bit)

    Night all
  • Hello peeps, another newbie here.
    A rather old and fat one too, but as I trundle along in the dark everymorning I don't care! I know it will come off - the weight I mean - eventually! Do you folks chat every Wed? My old man's out playing fireman so I can get on the machine in peace.
    Dieting is sooo hard but running is even harder! The best bit is when you finish and start to feel so brill for managing to do it at all!
  • EP
    1- Great!
    2 - Only Part-time but still a hero!!!!!!
    3 - Thanks

    I don't have a choice about going out. We have a shop/po so papers have to be delivered. Do a paper round then carry on for a run with dog and torch. Sets me up for the day. Self rightousness ain't in it!
  • hi all
    Ep, you sound determined about the 2.10
    Ill have to improve my am training, just soo slow
    mind you , stressed and not that well, so thats why
    Feel REALLY fat, dduno why
    no crisps or choccie
    Well done Pix and redhead!!
    Pix, lets have a form for Reading then
  • Targets are the only thing which work for me. The next fence post is a common one!!!

    Determined to lose weight and do GNR next year! Hope to do a couple of shorter ones before hand next year sometime.

    Kit Kats keep getting in the way of weight targets somehow! They keep falling out of their box into my hand as I'm passing with a coffee at work, why is that?

    Better go to bed and stop thinking about Kit Kats!

  • Thank You everyone for your wishes on my Birthday.

    I really am very grateful.

    I did have a couple of "London Prides"
    (Sorry Benz)

    Had to work but it wasn't too strenous and I got home early for Maxine and the boys. we had fun.

    At my age you don't get loads of cards so all your best wishes are wonderful.

    Guess What - didn't run!

  • Hello to all the new people today - great to hear from you.

    I'm with EP - Dieting sucks and running is hard but if you want some fun and motivation keep tuning in here.

    I've not been anywhere else where people want you to succeed so much but also understand your weaknesses too. - It's great.
  • hi fit fiends
    aah Maccy - have a virtual birthday hug!

    hello new peeps this club is brill - friendly and supportive, encouraging and good fun as well as being really inspirational - anybody who gets up at 6am to run and then post messages is a bit of a star!

    was going to swim tonite but couldnt be bothered driving through teatime traffic - so went for a walk instead - as it was quite nice and bright - fast walk round the golfcourse - did it in 37.min which is best yet - had to stop myself from running as i ran last night and dont want to do too much too soon - felt brill after though - endorphins are finally kicking in!
  • Hi all
    Guess what - another good run today. That is two in a row. I went out and did 40 mins tonight again with no walks. Howzat!!. After Sunday's terrible run I feel much better.
    I am going along to join slimming world tomorrow but I know they will tell me I have 4.1/2 stone to get rid off.
    Thanks everyone for cheering me up on Sunday.
    Its not proving so easy to pop in and out these days as my boss seems to have cottened onto me being on during the day and has dropped hints about not liking chat rooms so I have been staying silent and Mr SG likes to use the computer at night so life is tough.
    How is everyone else doing?

  • well done speedy!
  • Oooh feel sick - ate too much and drunk too much champagne.. going to bed now..
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