bugs, tasty or not??

I went for a gentle run in Richmond park yesterday (any local runners I envy you) it was lovely, the deer, rabbits, butterflies.....and the flies, who wanted to be eaten. Now I dont mind a bit of extra protien but is it bad for you and is there any way of preventing it?? Am still new so is a new experience for me. Thanks


  • I have found myself nearly choking on a few flies myself!! carry water on sunny evenings to help them down.

    Keep your mouth closed, are do what I do and that is keep my teeth closed shut so I can still breath through my mouth when running.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    learn how to close your throat quickly when one whacks at the back so you don't spend the next 5 minutes hacking the bugger out......
  • thank you, I tried the closing of the mouth but ended up sounding like a bull heavy breathing through the nose. Luckily noone else around
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    good time to do Bruce Lee impressions
  • Greenfly are infesting Birmingham at the mo. Every run I go on, morning, afternoon or evening I end being completely covered in greenfly. Yuk!!!
  • I take it back, I hate richmond park, I have now been there twice and got ticks both times, and this time I learnt my lesson and didnt go through the long grass!!! And I still got one :( hate ticks, give me the heeby geebies
  • blimey.

    I run through dense grass and woodlands and I've never had a tick!
  • not that I'm envious, of course...
  • Don't wear anything bright that could resemble a flower flapping in the wind. You run the risk of being every fly's ideal home - heat, moisture and food.

    Last year I set off in a white vest on a brilliant sunny afternoon and ended up with hundreds of the bu$$ers stuck to me.

    Major YUK!!!
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