should I do long run today, help pls!

Hoping for some quick descision!

I'm doing cheddar 1/2 on 9th, unexpectedly have a morning off, should I do a long run today in view of the fact I missed Sunday all together?

I've only done 1 x 1/2m, bristol, and did 13m 3 weeks before,then less for the two following long sundays. This worked very well, did 12.5 m sun b4 last.



  • Happyslug,

    Were you supposed to do a long run on Sunday, if so then I would do it instead this morning. If not why not do what ever you were going to do on Sunday. You still have 10 days until your half so time to recover if you go 'long' today.
    If not why not do a tempo run at you target race pace ???
    Best of luck in Cheddar.
  • Morning Happy slug.
    If the weather stays nice i would do a long run today. Not too fast though and perhaps try and do 14!
    The weather is predicted to be bad at the weekend so this is probably your last chance
    (great im doing a half on Sunday)
    Wind down all long runs after Tues 5th and go on treat yourself to a massage. No later than Wednesday 6th though or else you will be sore on the day
  • Sluglet, personally I don't run in the week before a half but some people do a smaller runs as late as Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't think it would do you any harm to run today especially as you missed Sunday and the race is Sunday week.

    Good luck at Cheddar
  • I agree with the others - while a 1/2M needs a bit of a taper, it's not liek for a marathon, so I'd go for it today. Not sure how far you're runnign now, but if you're OK with 13, maybe go a bit over distance. Otherwise maybe about 11 or 12, and leave the thirteen for the race.

  • brilliant, thanks all!
    I'm a minimum milage runner(!) I've only ever done 13 twice and once was the race, so think I will go for 12-13 for confidence,
    shorter and quicker (relative term!)
    Fri and sun and then wind down.

    off to get my kit on and a quick puff of the old inhaler!!

    XX have a great day all HS BYeee
  • Hope you had a good run happyslug! As a rule I would run my last 'long' run 10 days before a 1/2M, which is today.

    For me personally I would then run another 10 miles at most on the Sunday before and a couple of short quicker runs in the week before. I will have 2 clear days of rest to make sure my muscles are recovered from all training.

    Maybe I'll see you at Cheddar?

    I don't think forumites have agreed to meet anywhere specifically after the race.

  • Hi Hilly,

    Had a great run, felt v.decadent doing so when i should be working!! Thanks to you all for the advice, most timely.
    I would've gone out thinking is it too much, is it too little, gone too fast then decided should go further but run out of steam etc etc. So great to have so much experience at all levels to call on.

    happy running all.

    I think I'm 531 for cheddar,
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