Do your local swimming baths have a re-enactment society for this Steve Guttenberg octogenarian pleaser? Mine does and they take over the pool whenever I am there. I wish to start a protest group against this sort of behaviour. Nothing too extreme but knee-cappings may be considered.

(am I alone at wishing to kick them as they once again interfere with yet another length?)


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    hahahaha - happens everywhere Dodge - we have one old bird that we have nicknamed the Swissball Woman 'cos she is almost completely round - and completely gets in yer way as she swims like a water boatman insect.

    as moosey said - why the hell do they come to the pool so early in the morning when they have the rest of the sodding day to do it? it's not like they have to go to work or anything.
  • Tee heee!
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