Dublin Marathon

Everyone who helped make my first ever marathon experience so memerable.....

to all those who helped on forum with advice and encouragement...

To the dublin gang..Richk, Snicks, Sarcy, JasonL, Wolfy, Mr Wolfy, Dog Walker, Tiggerrunner, for making it a great social event....

and of course Mrs Legless for being there for me every step of the way

4.22.05 for the first one-happy with that.tho I did hit the wall at 20miles and the next 2 took me nearly 30mins..but the feeling when I crossed that line was worth all the pain...
will I do it again????????????


  • It was great to meet up with you and Mrs Legless and Mr (hobble) Wolfy and I had a super time @ Temple Bar.

    You did a great time despite having a nasty cold etc. so you should be mega proud.

    Out for a run later, gonna start my winter training for a PB at FLM, don't like running backwards with the walkers...did my head in but don't tell Mr Wolfy...he was very brave!

    Ciao for now....how bored am I with Pasta and Bagels eh?
  • Well done guys, completed my first in 4-34 on Monday. Was going great guns until 18 miles and heading for a 4-15 when I had very very bad cramps in my legs. Spent next 4 miles walking/speed walking and few jos then managed to get it together again around 23 miles. Crossing the finish line was worth all the pain though. Went to temple bar in evening but did not see you guys as know one was holding up a RW banner (funny that?)...cant wait to recover and start plotting the plan for FLM.
  • Enjoyed the weekend loads, even if there was a bit more pain on Monday than I antisipated. It was my first large scale race so I can't comment on the arrangements really but I will anyway. The toilets never really bothered me, when you got to go you got to go and being a man probably makes that easier with a few more options than the women. The Lucozade was dissapointing as I was expecting sachets not bottles. The crowd was dissapointing apart from the last mile or so, the changing "facilities" at the end were not good, there must have been a couple of very smelly bars next to the finish, the one we ended up in included.
    At half way I knew was not going to get my planned time, but that was due to inexperience, at the end I was just glad to finish in one piece. Once again it wass great to meet you all and I can't wait for the mobile phone bill this month.
    I bought myself a new HRM as a well done pressie, I am planing to make extensive use of it getting ready for Connemara.
    Bring it on!
  • Echo all your sentiments guys! I thought it was a fabulous weekend and meeting you all is a testiment to how far the club has come since April.

  • DW from what I can remember we were like 'ships in the night' on Monday evening unfortunately, hope we get the opportunity to meet up in the future!

    Fogartys bar was a pretty cool gaff must admit!
  • Wolfy, we were indeed! Look forward to chatting to you properly soon.

  • Really enjoyed the weekend. Great meeting everyone.

    Wolfy, thanks for your superb pacing, setting me up for my record breaking run.

    Legless, I'm going to stop following you around now...

    Hopefully see you all at FLM!

    Jason L
  • Excellent pic DW. Have you seen Rich K's! Classic. Just to add. Great to meet you all. What an excellent day. Huge thanks to Rich again for his pacing of La Snicks (come back Snicks - slow it down)... And for Rich's mates, Trev and Rock on. What a laugh. They had to listen to me wanting to go to the loo for the first 10 miles (I didn't go until we got to the pub!) then for the last six Trev kept me entertained, pulled me along and listened to lots of swearing and shouts of 'Come on Fiona's' - from me! Mile 19 was a killer. Three times I was told: 'come on, you're at the top of the hill'. Have to say, I found what little crowd there was very entertaining - the old women with the bells, the Canadians and those flags, the Americains with the pom poms and the bemused looking old Irish men who, for some unknown reason, I kept winking at! Ah well, sure! Once again, thanks to Mr and Mrs Legless for a second time restoring my faith in marriage - what an old softy you are Mr Legs!!! Rich, nearly forgot ta for the gels, and the belt. What fun we all had, and we didn't even know each other before the weekend! Didn't we do well! Right more Huge Juicy Red, please!
  • Fair play to ya gerrl!!!!!
  • Why thank you Mr K - and where have you been this evening?
  • MMMmmmmmmmm - that'd be telling chèrie!!

    Actually I've been practising my elocution skills!!

    Et vous?

    Or now that we've met, et tu? perhaps?

    Can we get back to after dark please because the NY's are ahead of us again!!
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