Helpful Hints for a Penguinette ?

hi all,
i love running, but im SO slow and cant go very far!! i found a running partner but it was so embarrassing as i run too slow, ive joined two (absolute beginners) running clubs but couldnt keep up! Im 32, and a normal weight and size and health but i just cant seem to make the grade. i do a 12 min mile and the furthest ive got is 3 miles. I gave up running as im so cr@p at it but i missed it so much i started again a couple of months ago. Now im back up to being able to run 2-2.5 miles without a walk included and have a 3-mile race ive entered 17th nov. I did the race for life in may and was gutted that i walked some of the way, i really want to run the whole 3 miles in nov. Any tips to help me would be great as i dont want to give up again !!


  • You're running - that's all that matters. If running partners think you're too slow, find a different one!
  • Hi Penguinette,

    You will get faster. I started running in April this year - very slow, and not pretty to watch but... I did a couple of races, and improved each time. Not super speedy, but there is an improvement there.

    Now it is darker / colder I have started going to the gym in my lunch break to knock out 3 miles - it had been taking me about 30 minutes to do 3 miles. Yesterday I got it to 28.26 minutes for 3 miles - I was so chuffed I told all my colleagues (who think I am crackers anyway!).

    So, hang in there. The repetition of running over the months will pay off eventually - just take your time, be patient, and one day you will notice you are running stronger, faster, more smoothly than you did.

    Well done!

  • I'll repeat the encouragement just keep plugging away and you will get better. However as a helpful suggestion try some stetching and flexibility this helps your joints and muscles cope with the demands and may hurry your improvement. I have some stretching programmes with photos and descriptions if you want them you can email me and I'll send them to you. The other thing is that I've found that seeing a chiropractor helps with my running. They can do a lot of preventitive work and I find that I get really good results in freeing stiff and aching joints that let me run further and faster. I'm NOT saying that there is anything wrong with you but I was so impressed with the results I got that I left my old job and have started as a Chiropractic student!

    Good luck
  • I don't have any real advice as I'm a beginner too - all I would add is that the times you are putting in are not that different to my partner and I who have just started running.

    We're finding it hard to get past the 12min/mile and max of 3 mile mark - but we both encourage each other and without that encouragement we would both give up.

    All I can say is that if you keep at it you WILL get better. You know this deep down so just stick at it, you'll regret it if you give up. I've given up in the past before but this time I'm sticking at it!!
  • I started in June, running 12 minute miles. I can now run, quite easily, 9:30 miles for 6 miles, and I did the GNR in 2:13:44.

    Don't worry. Speed will come.

  • It must just be the way yr body adjusts - after months with no apparent improvement, suddenly I am faster and stronger - as if by magic!
    stick with it - maybe it is just natures way of making you committ!!!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Penguinette, I can only echo what everyone else has said & continue their encouragement. I couldn't run a mile when I started and it took me quite a few months to get to 3 miles. What you might also try is other exercises like aerobics or swimming or cycling or whatever that will build up the muscles, stamina, lung capacity & all that.

    Good luck
  • what sort of running programme are you following?

    when i first started years ago - I got into the running further and longer is better - but didnt get any faster -got slower
    a few years ago i started doing short interval type training and noticed i got more efficient over longer sessions

    it easy to get in a rut- have a look at some of the beginners training schedules and try and add some variety

    oh and before anyone asks i have just started to run again after 6-7 years and it is slow and ungainly again!

    just keep going and it will happen
  • Penguinette - just wanted to add my're doing great. I'm another 12-minute miler, having started running in August. I think the most important things are (a) you're enjoying it (b) you're already running further and faster than most of the rest of the population!
  • Perhaps you should take a leaf out of Princess Paula's (Radcliffe) book and not set yourself limits. 3 miles has become a phsycological barrier for you so maybe you should aim higher ie 5 miles within a month.
    I have been running for about a year and i remember how incredibly hard it was but i persevered. I also had a target. I had promised a friend i would run the Bath half last march.
    Keep pushing back that wall and dont give up, you CAN do it!
  • I started running in July and managed 2 minutes!!!! I tried running at different times of the day and several times a week. When I could run for 20 minutes (very slowly!) I entered a 10K and even though I had to stop and walk, I finished in 67 minutes. I am not much faster now, but I know I can run for over an hour without stopping and that's a great improvement! It will happen, but finding a sympathetic running partner prepared to slow down for you is a great help.
    Good luck!
  • Again I can only repeat the good advice others have said here.
    I, like Meerkat started running at the end of August. I made great strides early on BUT now I feel that I'm not really getting anywhere as I can't run any further or faster than I did 3 weeks ago. However I was incapable of running 6 miles in August - now I can.
    Just stick with it and an improvement will come. BUT don't overdo it. I went nuts on the treadmill - bruised my foot & had to miss my first race because of it. With time, speed and distance will come - be patient (unlike me!) and enjoy your running.
  • WOW!! thank you so much for all your encouragement !! i like the fact im running faster than couch potatoes!!
    I run on a treadmill three times a week, simply trying to get further and further and so am always the same speed but scared to go any faster as wont be able to do the distance. Yesterday it took me 45 minutes to do 2.5 miles. I checked last years results for the roundhay 3 miler and the slowest was 44.57 !! The guy picking up the cones is gonna be faster than me !! I have to get to 3 miles on the treadmill, then do three miles on the road, then try and get fast enough not to be an embarrasment - in two weeks !!!
    But i wont give up !! Thanks for your help and encouragement - i think im gonna like it on these boards :-)
  • Penguinette - you're more than welcome! Are you only running on a treadmill at the moment? If so, is it possible for you to run outside, possibly this weekend during the day, when it's light? Reason I ask is that running outside is sooooo much more interesting, and you might find you go further because there's so much happening! Let us know how you get on...
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