Inspirational Forumites?

Who have you been inspired by through the medium of the forum?


  • You obviously Jon.
  • Well, your picture tells a story....

    But of course you Jon

    And you too Caz

    But mainly Foxy


    and Snickers of course
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Pre-empting the impending alcohol/nicotine poisoning from tomorrows get-together; a thumbs up and pat on the back has to go to Gareth L for the original idea and Caz for keeping it alive.

    Inspired ! Hic
  • And you LDB and you Scotty, of course.

    And Ratbag, BK, Barkles, Shambler, Tired Legs, Spans, Venom, all the guys and girls running Brighton basically and the Londoners meet up party!
  • And how about running wise?
  • Inspired is a good question..

    For me, being serious for once:

    Stickless (Marj)

    and all the others I have forgotten who have overcome or are overcoming tremendous challenges in their life. They inspire me with their courage and determination and wonderful humour....

    ....I think I'll go and have a lie down now....
  • Oh I forgot to mention Nattynoodle for all his hard work on the webpages etc.

    Running wise?

    Erm, Snicks, fast lady! And Spans.

    Of the boys, erm, NN, Venom (because he's new to running and already bloody fast, git!), MartinH for being fast and packing the fags in!
  • I agree with RB, its good to see. I also (rather strangely) think that Snoop inspires me to a certain degree!!! The man runs and runs and runs! I was starting to think he's a latter day Forest Gump!

    Of course there's Drew and the zippy gang as something to aspire to!
  • Yes I agree RB, so many people would give up under such circumstances, me included probably :) They inspire me too.
  • Oops yes, DW, SB and the Lamb for the hard work on the URWFRC site, kit and general running of the place!
  • A serious thread from Jon here? Incredible.

    As a runner, I'm definitely inspired and motivated by anyone who can run faster than me. And there are of course the obvious people who have told incredible stories of what they've been through.

    And on a dangerously schmaltzy note, this forum as a whole, and thereby everyone who contributes to it, was enormously inspirational in keeping me running when I'd just started, and ever since. Nice one guys.
  • SNOOP of course!!!
  • Oh and not forgetting Dangly Spice, as it was her posting the GSR thread that caught my eye and sucked me into the forums in the first place. And you've all kept me going ever since.

    Thanks Dangly Spice!
  • [drum roll]
    And more!....

    Swiss Bobby and Lamb and Dogwalker and JasonL for making the site and the kit happen.

    And for being inspirational runningwise..
    Shattered Shins and Stickless

    And for creating the darkside BK

    And for being on the darkside

    (sorry,can't be serious for long)
  • All of ya ! I think you're marvelous
  • Badger, don't you just mean that everyone is great....?
  • Er yes, something like that
    Even Pernicious Butt :)
  • I think everyone on here is inspirational to someone in some way (be it big or small)

    (I think I was actually being serious for a moment!! - must go lie down quick!)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    I think everyone who posts on here has inspired me in some way or another - to keep going when I don't want to, to enter a race I never thought I could manage, to try hill repeats and intervals, people who made me laugh when I was feeling small, those who kept hubby and me going through our trauma a while back.

    I couldn't possibly pick just one person from of such an eclectic mix of characters - you're all great!
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