timex sdm-upgrading to bodylink

i feel the time has come to get hrm data
on the same wrist as the sdm stuff,two devices has become two things to go wrong.so my old polar is heading for the knackers,and i will upgrade the timex,I am planning to get hold of the watch and hrm belt new to add to the gps unit i already have.any feedback welcome.
incidentally i have found a US website offering the package for $89.99,not sure if they'll ship here yet-but seems better than paying £125 in the uk.
one query is that the new watch seems to have a great feature i was looking for,namely to record lap splits automatically based on pre set times or distances,thus removing the need to hit the button when the alarm goes to indicate laps.BUT when i ran the london marathon,the distance measured by the gps was well out,29.75 miles.so can the laps still be punched in manually or is it fully auto only?


  • It's all in the 'Hands free' settings, it can be recorded manually. But i love the hands free stuff.

    What i do is to set up auto-laps of 250m (which for some reason i call 'clicks') and set up the distance alert for a kilometer

    so i hear

    beep - beep - beep (on the k)
    beep - @ + 250 m
    beep - @ + 500 m
    beep - @ + 750 m

    This is great for timing a bit of speed work to. I usally do a 9k run daily. Once or twice a weekk on k's 4,5,6 i'll pick up the pace from beep-beep-beep to the next beep.

    And none of this gets confused with the HR alarm beep which is two tone.

    I don't use the pace beep (which is three tone).

  • sounds great, i have just ordered from www.timexcentral.com,they will ship to the uk for $30.so $120 in all.
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    Dont forget to include VAt on entering this country plus handling fee to parcel force...I just got my Timex GPS bodylink system from the States and it was 36.00 extra .

    It is the bees knees and I have only used it once I LOVE it;-)
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