Waterbeach Half 20th October

Anyone done this race before, know what the course it like? How many laps, etc?


  • I'll be ringing the organisers Monday at the latest and I'll let you know.

    I know the country well around there - it's fenland, so flat, with not a lot of wind protection should it be a windy day. The river adds a bit of interest, but I'm not sure that we will be running along the river - the roads don't go particularly near.

    We (and also Elizabeth's family) are members of the Cam Sailing Club at Waterbeach, and if you'd like to stop afterwards for shower and picnic and watch the afternoon's dinghy racing that would be a possibility.
  • Thanks Marj. I've sent an SAE for the entry form, but would appreciate any feedback on the course that you can give.
    Hope to see you there - did you put me down for £1 on your sponsorform for CLIC?
    (It was CLIC wasn't it?)

  • Hallo,

    I'd like to start by the halfmarathon.Has someone the proper telno.? I spoke them,couple of times already on the voicebox,but no reply at all.

  • 3 weeks to go and i'm feeling really fit - must be about to have an accident or fall ill or something.
    I've got my number and arranged to meet parents (they live up the road) for shower and birthday cake for hubby as it's his b.day on that very day. What a way to celebrate! Waiting for a sweaty wife to finish a race. He must love me!!
    How will i recognise you Marj, to pay up my sponsorship?
  • Stickless

    I'm now fairly certain I'll be going across to Blenheim 10k on 20th rather than Waterbeach (I know they are a long way apart it's just that I live about in the middle).

    I hope you and all your supporters have a brilliant day. You really are great and deserve all the plaudits I know you'll get.
    May the sun shine on your backs and the breeze waft in your faces (difficult on a circular run but hopefully you know what I mean).


    PS I do wish all the other forumites like DD & Glenn well too but Stickless gets a special mention.
  • Like previous message on this board only get answer machine from the contact number. Can anyone confirm if race is still on please? and if possible how many are pre-entered as with a 500 limit we don't want a 120 mile round trip to find race is full up.
    Thanks to anyone who replies.
  • I only got my no about a week ago, and I'm 112, so you should be OK

    Good Luck!
  • Hi!

    I'm 23, and will be conspicuous in a team of people running for Elizabeth Davies thanks! CLIC with distinctive home made T-shirts.

    Forumites do come introduce yourselves. Those who would like to come to the Sailing Club afterwards and watch the afternoon races will be very welcome.

    See you there! Marj
  • Now, i saw the CLIC group, and introduced myself to Fat Girl Slim at the beginning, but didn't see any of you others at the end. Marj - can you e-mail me your home address so that i can send you a cheque for CLIC, please? TA.
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