You may all be aware of this company Swimshop but I got their catalogue today and it has a few neat training devices. The lap counter above and something called Timewindow which attaches to one "lens" of your goggles and allows you to view a digital counter which counts up to 20 minutes and is meant to be easy to star/stop. All for £31.50.

They sell loads of other training aids/swimwear etc and seem fairly priced. I got the catalogue as part of taking out membership for Swimfit so I'd assume they endorse Swimshop. They don't have a website but have an email address sales@swimshop.co.uk or phone (01582) 562111 where you can probably request a catalogue.


  • Thanks Dodge, ill have a look.

    HUD (Head Up Display) on goggles wow - do they sell torpedo's?
  • Go for the ring lap counter - I've had one for about 6 months and I rank it as one of the best gadgets I've ever bought. So easy to use, and for long swim sessions indispensable for those of us a bit memory-challenged! I can now concentrate totally on my swimming form and not worry at all about whether I've missed a lap.
  • Swimshop also have quite a few books/videos and cdroms.

    TAI the finger lap counter is a ring and does look easy to use.
  • Yep - mine goes round my forefnger on a velcro strap, all I have to do is hit the button with my thumb at the end of every length.
  • I used my finger lap counter for the first time today and it recorded the entire swim, but then would only give me the first 8 laps and the total. Do I need to actually read the instructions or have I bought a basic model?
  • P&P is 95p for orders up to £75 above that it's free.

    ed I thought you wanted two?
  • hmmm i'm confused... how many fingers have i got?
  • Anyone know where the counters might be available online
  • knew i'd seen them somewhere..


    that look the same? dodge? wolfie?
  • are there any english sites that sell them?
  • not that i've found...
  • or could you wear a waterproof watch with laps/splits and hit that button each time.
    would record how many laps, and times of each and total swim time.
    might try that today.
    will let you know
  • well that works... but requires two hands every time you turn.
  • cant do swim turns, so it wouldnt bother me
  • Same sort of device as the one in the catalogue ed but the swimshop one is made by WIN.
  • swimshop have always been very good to order from. Doesn't matter how small the order. Have also used them for uni club stuff, if you get a club account (v easy and costs nothing to set up) eg with tri club or persuade local masters club etc. you get 20percent discount off nearly everything
  • well back from my swim

    learnt a few things

    using a watch works

    my watch is definately waterproof!

    you can hear the beep when you press the button under water, doing breast stroke or crawl.

    not so easy doing back stroke, didnt hear a beep then discovered I hadnt hit the button hard enough so at the end I had to add the laps on, cos some laps were double time

    think a bit of fine tuning is needed, but saved myself £15
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