Eton supersprint 27/06/04

Have entered me self into this as my first tri but have this nasty feeling that i am going to be surrounded by experienced tri peeps. Is anyone out there doing this and is this event suitable for complete novices, fancied this mainly due to the swim distance! Anyhelp greatly appreciated


  • I haven't done it myself, but have heard very good reports about the Eton series of races and don't worry, I would say plenty, possibly even the majority, of racers at Sprint events would be novices testing the tri water.

  • Did one of the Eton supersprints last year, very good I thought. There was a mixture of people doing it. It was my second tri as it was for lot of others I chatted with. You'll always find quite a few first timers.
  • Reasonably close to me, would consider as my first tri. Anybody have the distances please or where I can get them?

    Can I safely assume that breaststroke is OK? I get about 25 metres on crawl and expire (save it for the last length)
  • Eton supersprint

    400m swim, 20km bike, 5km run

    Breast stroke is OK there are no rules about which stroke you use, you can back stroke if you want to and you can hold onto the bouys or safety canoe if you need to (but you can't make any progress using them). The bike and run are flat and traffic free and the facilitys there good.
  • Very well organised event, nice venue good facilities, bike and run traffic free and flat (though sometimes windy) Have done it 3 times in cold and heat- heat better. Check the organisers web site in days before event as they post the water temperature, It is a filled in gravel pit and can be grungy, a wet suit often advisable. General tips on open water mass starts apply. The fast guys swim OVER you! Enjoy!
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