Another apology, another Timex Bodylink query

Simple I get one or not?

My old Polar M51 has served me well but I feel it is time to move on - and I want a new toy!

It is either the Bodylink or an iPod


  • Bodylink
    Yes, if you are training for a long event. No, if you live in a tall city.

    Yes, if you commute on london transport everyday
    No, if you want a radio or to run with it.
  • why can't you run with it?
  • Baldylocks,

    Experience seems to be mixed. iPod is a disk based design which is more sensitive to vibration and shock that completely memory-based (solid state) players. Current (3rd generation) iPods load about 25mins worth of music into a memory buffer - when this has been played it has to spin the hard disk and load more music data to memory. At that point it is more susceptible to locking up if it is shaken.

    Some folks have had success carrying their iPod in a belt - I've been running with mine hand held and have never encountered a problem on runs up to a couple of hours. See the iPod discussion groups on Apple's web site for more views on running with iPod and iPod Minis.

    Batfink - why not email Steve Jobs and see if a GPS/HRM capable iPod is on the drawing board?? :=)
  • Get the Bodylink and a solid state 256Mb mp3 for less than an iPod
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