Ironman Event Schedule I made an excel chart, listing in chronological order, showing when the various Ironman events are through the year.

In case someine was planning a trip to say Langkawi and thought ..

"I havent got anything to do on that first saturday, I'll do an ironman - thatll keep me occupied"

Sad I know - but if anyone does want a copy of it - or wants to expand it to include other long distnace non-ironman sanctified races then send me an email here


  • On a related subject ive heard rumours that there may be an Ironman UK in 2005, is this true and if so what is the location or possible date? Is there a website?
  • Yes you are right. There will be a half and a full and both to be run by ironman uk at the same location.
  • Are you sure?

    I though full would be at Sherbourne at the end of August and 1/2 somewhere else earlier in the year.
  • a red & white m-dot tattoo, now there's something to train for. I'm filling up at the thought of it *Land of hope and glory plays in the background*
  • Wasnt there loads of rumours about it being a full ironman for this year which didnt materialise?

    Are they going to be able to close the roads for the requiredlength of time for a full ironman.

    The roads are quite small around there

  • the lake is not very big either!
  • I will speak to the organiser and let you know though im pretty sure that is right.
  • Thanks JLK, would be nice to know if there are any firm details, can start looking forward to it and preparing.

    [dreams of a sub 12:00]
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