Dub Mara to FLM

Did Dublin Mara (first ever) on Monday, bit disappointed in my 4.34 but was on (I think) for a 4.15 until around 18 miles when I had very bad cramps. Question - doing FLM in April, how do I manage my training between now and then. Cant find a schedule that for training between races like this...anyone help me??


  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Depending upon how your muscles feel, a few weeks off or doing only light stuff can help. If I get into FLM, I'm not going to start training properly until the new year & there are plenty of warm-up races.

    Just keep up the level of fitness that you have obviously already got as this will help over the winter.
  • Hi Ian.

    Well done on your effort in Dublin. My first marathon was 5:22, so don't feel too disappointed with your time. You've obviously got lot's of potential to run faster.

    Some people have mentioned Hal Higdon training programmes recently. I used one of these for Dublin and made huge progress and will be using one again for London if I get in.

    Because they are 18 week schedules rather than 12, you will need to start it on 9th December which will fill in the gap. The extra weeks make a big difference believe me.

    Until then, as Gavo says, I'd either take complete rest (I'm resting for the whole of November) or just do some light stuff if you feel like it. Your body will thank you for the rest in the long run.


  • Thanks DW and congrats on your time in Dub! If you can knock that kind of timeoff your PB...
    9th December start sounds good to me so I'll check out that website!
  • Thanks Ian.

    Have a good look through the website and the notes about the schedules. There is lot's on there. I've just used the Intermediate I schedule and it worked fantastically for me.

    Good luck and see you soon.

  • What website DW or Ian? Sorry I didn't meet you at Dublin Ian, I am hoping to do the Connemara so the schedules would be useful to me aswell. I am actually feeling fine at the moment, a little bit sore but nothing different from training runs, should I still rest?
  • Hi Sarcy,yep, I'm still aching and havnt yet got full motion back in my ankles yet but hey does that put me off!! Mad fool. The website reffered to here is
    www.halhigdon.com. Best of luck.
    PS I'm gonna rest for prob two weeks and then start light training until Dec 9 when the 18 week schedule starts for FLM.
  • Thanks Ian, good luck for FLM
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