Found a great tri site..

Probably old news but lots of info on with programmes, calculators info etc. Also some useful newbie info (like some people walk some of it)


  • thats wicked.

    ive also just come across a really cool site too -

    it seems preety good, useful in there.
  • Really Dazzle?

    And are there forums in there?

  • Loads but not as nice as here.
  • :o)

  • yeh theres a forum, wow how cool. i think it 'could' well be better than rw as well.
    cant believe i found it :O)
  • Dazzle - you've been trying for a year and it's STILL not a patch on RW.

  • I've been there and some of the peeps looked very familiar. o)
  • [giggle]

    It's such a long journey though - RW's my home page.
  • don't be afraid to leave home young lepard

    there is a wonderfull world of colours out there...

    (singing the Disney's club anthem)
  • jj, jose has also joined the dark side of the force!
  • well jj in tt you can put any smiley in your message......:O)
  • All taste, few are smitten.

    Where've you been all afternoon, for example, young fellermelad?
  • they're all scary serious triathletes over there.......
  • I like your big-nosed smilies in HERE though!

  • that was to Daz, not M.

  • M. Not all of them fo instance, I'm not scary, nor serious, and far away at the moment to be a triathlete.

  • And I bet they all train 100 hours a week.
  • it used to be quite dull, then i forgot my password, but never mind RW is better
  • so now you have forgotten your password and don't go on it it's not dull?
  • i guess it mustn't be
  • its one year old today and numbers increasing all the time.
    we can even stick pictures up in our messages.
    errrrrr so ive heard. come on in. heres the link again -
  • thats
  • unfortunately i forgot my password, and i wouldn't want to make it dull again

    smithy would love it though, i'm sure he'll join
  • oi
    i don't have a serious bone in my body.

    [do NOT misinterpret that thank you]
  • I could already be a member. but then again 'serious triathlete' isn't really a good description of me.
  • I am a member.

    Serious isn't really a good description of me.

    I'm just a cartoon.
  • but your a 'serious' cartoon
  • [straightens tail in a serious sort of way]
  • Can't be serious triathletes over there - I was the undisputed (!) Indoor Tri champ on the first version of the event ! :-)
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