Dogg House

This is my new residence! no more dark side and the dogg is staying!!


  • Bye then
  • [Just joking! You'll be back]
  • They don't want me back if the dogg is there!
  • Oh, bye then!
  • Oh, so THIS is where you hang out!!!!

    OK then. You've made your bed but you'll be back...they ALWAYS come back......
  • if this is what you get for being faithful to the end then you can keep your dark stuff!
  • faithful to whom????
  • to the DOGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love me love my dogg!
  • If you're faithful to the dogg then you may as well stay here....

    Shame really....I thought you were quite nice.....
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Felicity, please be careful. That dog wags his tail at anyone and has bitches all over the place. You'd be much safer over on the Dark Side with that nice Mr Ratbag and Blue Knees.

    ps Did you know he supports ARSEnal. Well, that should be enough to put anyone off!
  • Thank you sweet pussy cat
  • God! This is like When Anekin Skywalker turns to the darkside, but the other way around!

    Oh... and of course foxster cannot use a light saber (that I know of)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi BK, doesn't Thomas look sweet. Aaah!
  • Thanks Redhead.... but the darksiders are sooo cruel !!

    Jon, I might not know what to do with a lightsaber but I'd know exaclty what to do with Obi-Wan Kenobi!!
  • Are you hanging in the Dogg House all day Flick? The darksiders are not cruel, just loath to let you go (and very jealous = love you..)
  • Bye FF.

    (You know you'll be back)
  • Not coming back!!
  • Nothing to come back for except insults!
  • Why, Felicity, that is not fair...
    Insults from me or barkles or BK or SS when?
    And what about little tinybabylovecub, I don't want him to grow up away from you.

    I thought we were FRIENDS!
  • Come back FF. See I'm even posting when I shouldn't be, just for you
  • Sorry but no-one wanted to be in the dark side with me while the dogg was there.... so what else could I do?
  • And where is he now when you need him?
  • Blame the monkey and the rat! I will happily support you and baby in spirit and will never abandon you badge....
  • well that's not how it feels

    [stumbles back to dark side in tears, cursing the monkey and the rat in between her sobs]
  • Morning all
  • Morning Barkles, like to see you've done your hair again....

    Jon casually waltzes into a place where he doesn't quite feel right, although he doesn't mind cos he's trying to win the heart back of the woman he truely loves
  • To all the sirens trying to get Fel to return to that other place - don't waste your time boyz 'n' gals. My bitches stay loyal to ME!

    Fel - drop these bums and come on over for the w/e. Pack a bag and I'll send my car over to collect at noon tomorrow.
  • SD! Are you catching that lucnhtime flight?
  • Jon, excellent try.
    Snoop - YOU'RE A CAD
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