Tufo tubless clinchers

Just been reading a little about them and wondered if anyone had had experience of them.


  • for road? or MTB?
  • Is it a kind of food?
  • Road. I've ordered some now so I guess I'll see. Had some Vittoria Rubino Pros which I couldn't fit on my Mavic MA3 rims so I bought some Zaffiros and couldn't get those blighers on either. The shop I bought them from online said all tyres are tight fits. Hmmmm! Took them along to my local bike shop and they charged £6 each to fit them. When I collected them they said "Blimey they were tight to fit but hopefully should ease up a bit with some use." Then the manager came over and said the same thing so I guess they'd all had a go fitting them. Gave me some advise on how to try and get some slack and then said that at the end of it all you have to forget the pain and just force them on regardless.

    I felt a little better about that. I had vision of me dropping them off and some steel thumbed old sweat plopping them on with a chortle. I guess there's "tight" and then there's "tight". When I puncture the Zaffs I'll switch to the Tufos. (Just to get some value for the £12)
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