Sola wetsuits

My mum is doing the London tri this year and it is her first open water swim. I advised her to go rent an Orca wetsuit and if she liked it then buy it (just like I did with mine), but she has now told me that she found a real bargain, a brand new wetsuit for 50 squid.... by Sola..

Only problem is that I have never heard of them and don't know if this wet suit is suitable for tris or if it has attachements for air canisters, diving weights, shark vests etc. etc..

anybody worn a Sola suit before in a tri ?


  • apparently (jeffrey lady killer is the expert here) those cheapy diving/surfing wetsuits actually make you swim slower rather than quicker
  • I think you're right co, only sola wetties I know of are for surfing and you wouldn't want to swim in one
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