what next ?

Hi gang - still on a high after having run my first race in 25yrs,a 1:45 in the Stroud H/M last Sunday. My poser is "what next" and "when". Should I be training & resting for so many weeks? and aiming at perhaps a 10k or any other tips that will lead me to my next race, Cratchers


  • Cratchers

    What do you want your running to do for you?

    treat the 1/2M as a stepping stone towards a one-off attempt to run a marathon and then stop coz "been there got the T shirt" syndrome takes over

    become an occasional social long distance runner entering 3/4 "big events" per year at 1/2M & full M distance.

    decide you want the variety and camaraderie that comes from training and racing regularly with a group of like minded souls. ie racing with increased competitiveness every 2/3 weeks over distances from 5mile to 1/2M. and you want tha 1:45 to become 1:40 to become 1:37 etc etc. In which case join a local club.

    Only you can decide. Whichever the Forum embraces all of the and more.

    Good luck
  • sfh legs,

    thanx for the advice - I had not looked at it in those terms,just thought got to go for something else ! - must admit I do fancy the marathon and have applied for "flm" but it will be the "luck of the ballot" for me. thanxs again, Cratchers
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