Bike Races

Anyone got any stories of sneaking onto alpine climbs in the middle of the night and painting messages for the cyclists?

More importantly, what's the best medium to use... chalk, spray paint, emulsion? Colours? Will red show up ok?

Thinking of putting a few messages down for fellow club members on the Lanzarote climbs this weekend.


  • Yellow's best.

    Depending on local laws, you could be in trouble for using lots of paint.


    So I've heard.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oooh!! ooh!

    You can buy stuff called 'Pavement chalk'

    Avaialble in all good toyshops. Washes off as soon as it rains.

    Pink seems to show up the best.
  • just for fun, you could use that "anti climb" paint....wouldn't show up too well, tho
  • LOL TD.

    No way i'm using pink Lizzy.
  • ahem

    [underlines the word 'yellow' in post 2]
  • so i'm lost jj, are you coming to austria or not?
  • [taking pity on candy's lostness, draws lots of big yellow arrows in a line to show the way...]
  • OK dokey, yellow it is then. Might as well go for permanent paint though in case we do it next year as well.
  • that didn't help much, and i prefer pink anyway

    they used to paint prison cells pink to break the spirits of interrogees y'know, although interrogees probably isn't a real word
  • All the pink Chubby Chalks have gone. I think LizzyB stoleded them.

  • Chubby Chalk? That could be your new nickname Andy.
  • can't i go the whole hog with 'Pink Chubby Chalk'??
  • It might crumble.
  • In the Tour people paint the roads all day long, but it gets a bit messy when the team vehicles come up and the paint isn't dry.

    Wonder how often it rains in Lanzarote ?
  • #It ne-e-ever rains in Lanzarote
    An' girls, they just go potty...#

  • It hammered down during the volcano tri last week
  • rain or lava?
  • pahoehoe
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    is Pink "Chubby" Chalk any relation to Roy "Chubby" Brown???
  • Certainly not.

    Our very own Chubby Chalk is far more couth. Despite his fake Burberry cap.
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